My Comet Hunting Challenge

Unless you’ve had the attention of a hibernating hedgehog you will know that we have had a very icy near Earth visitor these last few weeks. Comet Neowise. Discovered in late March over the last few weeks the comet has been passing closer and closer to the Sun and to Earth. Becoming close enough and bright enough to observe.

But only if:
You’re in the northern hemisphere.
You’re near the town / city lights.
It’s not too early in the evening.
It’s not too late in the evening.
You know where to look.
You have sharp eyes.
Finally to see it well you need a pair of binoculars.

On top of this you need the British weather to stop playing silly buggers and leave a clear sky – that has been the hardest part. But after all of this and some days of searching I saw a dim and fuzzy streak which in the binoculars was clearly… a comet. I had seen my first comet!

Then best of all I was able to catch this image:

As you can see, low down between the trees is this fabled comet. I’ve been looking for a comet for over thirty years, starting with Halley’s last visit, finally I get to see one!

Has anyone else managed to catch it?

Β© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2022

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46 thoughts on “My Comet Hunting Challenge

  1. I have been having unbelievably bad luck with this. The one night it was relatively clear, there were still a few clouds near the horizon, right where the comet was supposed to be. So frustrating!

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      1. I struggle with auto correct as well… It can be a pain. Thank you for the lovely comment… Would it surprise you if I told you my smart phone captured that shot?
        I wish I had a pro camera though.

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  2. Hi friend!!!!!! How is life in the UK? You guys are doing much better at handling Covid than we are! The one time when everyone loves the NHS? Hope life is treating you well. Things are great here. My husband haas been working form home and we are very careful when we or he goes out. I stay home 99% of time but I did that already. Now with my weakned immune system I can’t think about being around people. We got a new pound puppy last week so I’ve been quite busy taking care and training him and letting our other dog get adjusted to him. It’s going well. I’m getting a bit old for this puppy bit! Take care. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi there!!! It’s good to hear you’re keeping well, were holding our own with this virus and the NHS is alerts great, treated badly by the government as always.
      Puppies are hard work but so much love. Keep well my friend!!! πŸ˜€

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