Tenya’s Awakening

This was the Blog Battle Entry for July 2020 and the prompt was Wretched.

Tenya’s Awakening

Tenya clamped her already closed eyes tightly shut, morning light is unbearable after a heavy night out on the town. She rolled over onto her side away from the window. Promptly falling out of bed flat onto her face. Wincing in pain she pushed herself back up onto the bed. Keeping her eyes shut she tried to block out the pain, she failed. Tenya could tell what didn’t hurt over her whole body, what a night this must have been. Trying to remember what happened only made her headache worse.

Slowly, carefully Tenya started to flutter her eyes open. In front of her was a smart but plain silver looking tap and white basin set into a white and spartan looking counter top. Stumbling forward an off the bed she washed her face and drank the cool, soft water eagerly from her hands. It felt good but it didn’t stop the pain penetrating all over her body. She had been on many a night out with the tribe as they called each other but had never felt this wretched before.

Tenya looked around, where was she? This wasn’t Deans’ room, or his bed which was where she was usually found the morning after the night before. This was like a cross between a hospital and a hotel room. Slowly her senses returned she could smell the sterile, clean air. The floor was cold underfoot, finished in vinyl floor tiles that folded a few inches up the wall like a lab. The walls were clean, spartan white, the bed and sheets white, it was like being inside a ping pong ball. The only thing to break the white was the single long mirror behind the tap and sink. There was not a single personal effect in the room, nothing to tell her where she was or even who’s room it was she was in. What she thought was the window was the single bright striplight in the ceiling above.

Also, what was she wearing? It was like she was wrapped in bandages all over her. They were bound tightly round her, no wonder she hurt all over if this was what she was wearing. She stared ahead into the large mirror in front of her. She felt… well that was the thing. She thought she should be feeling apprehensive, frightened about what was going on.

But nothing.

Her stiff body walked as best as it could over to the door. “The best way to get answers” She said to herself ” Is to find someone and ask them!”
She pulled at the bar type handle attached to the smoothly finished but no doubt stainless steel door. Nothing. Locked solid, she pulled with some strength but it didn’t budge.

Tenya went back to the bed and sat stiffly on it , staring at the mirror. Her head and body still hurting, as she gained more of her senses she started to realise that even though she was the same person she was yesterday, with the same thoughts and memories she also felt very different. But she couldn’t put her finger on why. She tried to think back to the night before, it seemed normal, met the tribe at the station hostel she remembered laughing but wasn’t sure why. She remembered faces, names but it was as if something had been taken away from the memories. Something was missing.

So she sat. Staring, something was going to happen at some point surely?

For a long time nothing did. So she sat.

Minutes, hours, maybe days passed Tenya didn’t know. The pain receded slowly, all that was left were the body bandages. Looking at her left shoulder in the mirror she could see where the bandage was tied, pulling at it she freed it and slowly unwrapped her body. Finally the last of the bandage was off, laying in an untidy pile on the floor and she stood in front of the mirror. It was then something caught her eye, stepping closer stopping to look carefully she ran a finger down a feint scar that travelled all down her body. Looking at her arms she saw the same scar, down her legs too. Staring in disbelief the young woman thought she should feel fear, it was like she had been peeled.

But nothing.

Putting her weight on her arms as she gripped the counter top looked up and realised whoever did this was on the other side of the mirror. In a state of forced aggression she hit out at the mirror, slamming repeatedly with harder strokes until the mirror splintered. The mirror stayed in place no matter how hard she hit it, it did not fail.

Watching as he had done for days now, Morten looked on at the young woman unleashing her aggression on the mirror. A dry smile just caught his lips.

“Unimatrix Morten, shall we sedate her?” A smaller less well built man rushed up to him protectively and asked in a soft, rushed tone.

“You don’t think she’s going to get through that do you?” Morten asked his associate calmly not taking his eyes off Tenya, his voice deep an gravelly.

“We must be careful, the modifications we have enhanced her body with will…”

“Will be perfect for assassinating our friend Dean Starren.” Morten finished. His head slowly turned, as the far side of his face came into view the half metallic face glinted darkly in the dim light, pierced by the red brilliance of his cybernetic eye. “After all she’s one of us now!”

© Simon Farnell 2020

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My Comet Hunting Challenge

Unless you’ve had the attention of a hibernating hedgehog you will know that we have had a very icy near Earth visitor these last few weeks. Comet Neowise. Discovered in late March over the last few weeks the comet has been passing closer and closer to the Sun and to Earth. Becoming close enough and bright enough to observe.

But only if:
You’re in the northern hemisphere.
You’re near the town / city lights.
It’s not too early in the evening.
It’s not too late in the evening.
You know where to look.
You have sharp eyes.
Finally to see it well you need a pair of binoculars.

On top of this you need the British weather to stop playing silly buggers and leave a clear sky – that has been the hardest part. But after all of this and some days of searching I saw a dim and fuzzy streak which in the binoculars was clearly… a comet. I had seen my first comet!

Then best of all I was able to catch this image:

As you can see, low down between the trees is this fabled comet. I’ve been looking for a comet for over thirty years, starting with Halley’s last visit, finally I get to see one!

Has anyone else managed to catch it?

© Simon Farnell 2020

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The Space Station’s Solar Transit | NASA

This composite image, made from six frames, shows the International Space Station, with a crew of five on board, in silhouette as it transits the Sun at roughly five miles per second, Wednesday, June 24, 2020, from Fredericksburg, Va. On board are Expedition 63 NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy, Douglas Hurley, Robert Behnken, and Roscosmos cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner. 

See all the transit images on Flickr.

Image Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky

Credit: NASA

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Watch a 10-Year Time Lapse of Sun From NASA’s SDO | NASA

As of June 2020, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory – SDO – has now been watching the Sun non-stop for over a full decade. From its orbit in space around Earth, SDO has gathered 425 million high-resolution images of the Sun, amassing 20 million gigabytes of data over the past 10 years. This information has enabled countless new discoveries about the workings of our closest star and how it influences the solar system.

The full article is here:


No ownership claimed on material – Credit: NASA

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Blog Orbit – Blog Date July 2020

Hello there bloggies. I can’t believe well here we are, we’ve arrived in July, it’s been more than a little bumpy getting here but it seems that we’ve arrived and this really weird year isn’t really giving up on all it’s little… quirks shall we say.

Let’s all hope this doesn’t happen:

Because that would really not help things.

There’s a few things that’s getting me about this whole episode, of intense news and survival mode and that is that there are those out there and I don’t know who they are that have taken advantage of this. Firstly a while back the Pentagon releases footage and states that UFO’s exist. This would normally be headline news – barely a whimper.

Next some scientists say they’ve found evidence of a universe where time travels backwards, I mean this is big. Nope… not a thing.

No instead we now have some out there going on about this genetically engineers virus that was created to herald in a new world order of control under the Chinese and that this is only the start of the real apocalypse… I shake my head most days at something like this.

Despite all the ongoing stuff I’m starting to get back a little creative oomph and I just need a little more time (That would be a good song title lol).

But this month just gone there were a few posts….

Science Fiction Concepts – The Great Artificial Gravity Problem

I have some thoughts on how gravity works in our minds and in Sci-Fi and maybe we have got a few things wrong….

Drawing Sci-Fi and finding Imagination

I’m having a go at some imaginative drawing again, with some help….

Gargantua Overlay

I’ve been having a go at overlays again….

I’ve also been taking part in Cyranny’s Skypsy Sunday and while I can’t be there the full hour it’s been fun catching up with some fellow bloggers and trying to right the world. If you think it’s your thing come and stop by…

I hope you all keep well, I try and keep up with so many of you but I can’t. Always feel free to swing by and say hi and point me at something you think I might be interested in.

Do keep safe and well and see you about.

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