Hello there bloggies. I can’t believe it’s June – what the hell happened to May? It feels like March the 123rd or something to me. Some bright spark the other day put up the weeks remaining until Christmas – I won’t put it here for inducing the same anger in anyone that reads it. But crap this year is flying by and just when it can’t get more insane – it does.

With everything that’s been going on news that UFO’s actually exist have gone fairly unnoticed, the fact that evidence of a parallel universe that runs backwards barely lifted an eyelid, increasing seismic activity in Yellow Stone park and something about Killer Wasps has got some to ask what is going on.

The launch of the first manned Dragon rocket drew some positive attention and it was good to see it a success.

By far (and rightly so) the biggest and saddest event are going on right now in the US – George Floyd killed in an act of needless Police brutality and the continuing racism and brutalising of Black people. It staggers me that humans are capable of such great things can also be capable of such hatred. Over the days, protests have turned to violence which have led to more black lives being lost and the cycle of hatred isn’t being broken. I very much hope that a way through this can be found so that this never – ever has to happen ever again and we can all get on with living equally with each other.

Black lives matter!

Literally nothing has gone on here in the last month and with all that’s going on there’s not much I can really add to it all.

I hope you all keep well, I hope to be about a bit more than I have been but if I’m honest motivation has left me a little – let’s see what this month brings. I hope the end is better than the start.

Keep well.

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29 thoughts on “Blog Orbit – Blog Date June 2020

  1. a great statement on BLM, we are having our own much needed protests here … too many die in custody. Our First Nation People are subjected to regular ongoing abuse and it’s got to stop!

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