Blog Orbit – Blog Date May 2020

Hello there bloggies. These interesting times keep going on and despite the fact that many are currently not able to work – I find that I’ve never been busier. Hence that’s why this blog orbit is late in arriving. Very late in fact, I like to get these out on day 1 or at least in the first few days – however time has crept up on me and here we are mid May!

Just as last month – I promise I won’t mention the virus.

What’s been going on though? Have I done anything since the last Blog Orbit. Actually yes.

I even managed to write something original – this month’s Blog Battle story was brooch. I will admit this this had me thinking for quite some time. But I came up with what I think was something quite different with some people being kind enough to say they wanted to read more:

Larissa’s Stone – A Blog Battle Story

Off the back of the ending of Star Trek Picard, I had a thought. Of course it’s at least at this time in humanity’s development pretty pointless but noneless I asked the question of where consciousness resides in our brain and can it be duplicated?

Sci-fi Concepts – Where does Consciousness reside and can it be cloned?

I also had some thought son the latest film in the Alien series. Something that seems to prevail in the SciFi films coming out right now is trying to capitalise on classic films with badly done sequels / prequels and this unfortunately very much the same.

After Prometheus and what I thought was a good film that could have led to something really interesting Covenant could have been so much more.
Alien Covenant – A Sci-Fi film that could have been more

There were one or two others, I’ve been creating a little but not a lot and it’s really bothering me now. But have a look at this. Image overlays from some of my sunet images with some NASA images to create something.

Image Overlays – Saturn at Sunset

I hope you’re all keeping well though, summer is pretty much here in the UK and it’s been nice to see. What’s it like where you are? Are you keeping good with it all?

I’m trying to keep up with as many of you good people as I can. If you think you’re being missed give us a wave and if you’re not coping don’t suffer alone. I hope that maybe I can be about in the following weeks but that’s not certain and I have so many things to do that are on hold right now.

When I get to them I promise I’ll share them.

Keep smiling and writing.

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