Alien Covenant – A Sci-Fi film that could have been more

The Alien saga has been full of questions since it started way back in the 1970’s where an unknown Alien ship full of eggs leads to almost an entire crew being wiped out by a malevolent aggressive creature that sought to kill all that it found.

The original alien ship had remains of a large humanoid species that we knew very little about and wasn’t mentioned or seen again until the film Prometheus. This film left us with an intriguing lead into the next film – Elizabeth Shaw stating that she wanted to go the homeworld of this large species that had created these aggressive Aliens and find out why it was that the crew of Prometheus had to die.

This to me was a really poignant point to make and would essentially explain the whole reason of why such an aggressive species was engineered. The nightmarish creatures are not something that anyone would create ‘just for fun’

Alien ship from the Alien film series

So when I finally get to watch the sequel to the prequel I hope to see something of this in the storyline. Do I find it?


Instead we have the scenario of a colonisation ship having to change plans, diverting to another world where they land and guess what happens. Blood guts and gore flying everywhere becasue they did the same damn thing they did in every other damn alien film and DID NOT WAIT.

Further on in the film we find out that Elizabeth Shaw was used as a vessel to breed an improved race of these creatures because a maniacal robot called David thinks… you know I didn’t know what he thought if I’m honest.

Alien covenant was always going to have blood and guts and gore in it, I get that it’s what the series is about, but that one plot point could have taken the whole story in another direction – what happened? They choked and went straight back to the tired old plot line with a slight twist and made something I didn’t think was as good as it could have been.

Maybe I’ll write what should have happened… one day.

Anyways, I know the horror lovers among you will probably disagree, but I think for scifi I was kind of expecting more.

Just saying.

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8 thoughts on “Alien Covenant – A Sci-Fi film that could have been more

  1. The powers that be within the film making industry have never managed to equal ‘Alien’ and ‘Aliens’… (let us not speak of Aliens -3…or whatever)
    When I saw the second film I was so overjoyed that someone had finally created an alien species that could be felled by a simple shot gun
    (All those years of watching Doctor Who and the UNIT soldiers confronting invulnerable aliens)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I know what you mean. I think the fate of the series has fallen to the problem of today… No one can think of anything new and yet still want to make money.


  2. My partner and I went to see it at the pictures when we were a fairly new couple. We still only refer to it as “Alien Disappointment”. Even though I love horror and gore, I can’t quite remember why anything happened. Was it “robot did it for lols”? I agree with you, it could have been so much more.


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