Comic Relief – Alien Contact

For Kate’s Comic Relief Isolation Fun I thought I would see what I could do – as a first attempt I came up with this:


I hope you’re all well.

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NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Takes a New Selfie Before Record Climb | NASA

The curiosity Rover likes to take a selfie… this latest one was taken on the Greenheugh Pediment. Read more in the link:

No ownership claimed on material

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Icy Moonlit Wolf Scene

Hello everyone, I was going to share this ages ago – I have no idea what got in the way but it did. Anyway I created a howling wolf scene that had been stuck in my head.

You know like sometimes you have something in your mind and you have to create it? Like scratching an itch, that’s what this was like. This wolk was howling to me.

I’m going to see what sketch work I can do while it’s quiet (haha). Is anyone taking on anything new like sketching? If you feel like it give it a go!

© Simon Farnell 2020

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Simulation of what would happen if your feel into a black hole.

I saw this and it was really cool, you can watch how suddenly it's like reality flips and you can see everything - including the back of your own head 🙂

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Let's keep out shit together – It's not over yet!

I’m going to try and not make this post too much about this damn Corona Virus thing, I’m sick of it if I’m really thruthful. But it’s not the CV itself that’s giving the real beef it’s the shitshow that’s ensued that’s really bothering me.

If your eyes or mind is delicate move along, I’m going to be very direct and there’s going to be more than a few F bombs and S bombs and you name it bombs in this post.

The Present – A Summary

So we all know there’s this thing going around, it’s not great and we can’t consider a 2% a low death level, but compared with something like Ebola which has a death rate of about 50% it is low blah… blah… blah..

The real story here is the rich people are pissed, the media have a new story that’s not Brexit or terrorism and they’re all making the best of it. Hundreds of thousands of people die around the world every year from normal flu – is this important? Yes. But not important enough to make the news becasue the rich are not affected by it.

All the people making money from goods coming from China like Apple, Google, Amazon etc etc are getting hit and they’re pissed about it. Well fuck you, what a total hypocrisy. Maybe you should have thought further than your nose.

The Shit Show

The media having come off a two year diet of Brexit now has something else to hark on about. I would like to think they’re being useful but even the BBC is just creating sensationalist stories and trying to create panic. The net result is the shops are bare and the vulnerable people that should be at home being safe are instead wandering the shops looking for food and stuff. The health worker that work insanely long shifts are also not able to buy food or stuff.

This is at least in part becasue some dumb fuckwits are either stocking up to stupid levels or buying stuff to sell on for a profit. Because otherwise I just don’t get it – I don’t. How much more stuff to people need? Where’s the money for it all coming from. It’s like people are buying 3 – 4 times what they need. That’s mad!

This means that most of what’s going on is nothing to do with the virus at all or how to deal with it. Now sure there’s going to be a lot of people without money soon and that needs addressing, but I notice that the rich are more worried about their pennies first.

We call ourselves an advanced lifeform or an advanced civilisation and yet look at the devastation we’re causing to ourselves and people who are vulnerable or trying to keep things going are the ones that are doing without. That’s utter madness! With all this how can we say we’re in any way advanced? We’re animals and we don’t deserve the great lives that we have and the privileges we enjoy.

Looking at all this going on I’m ashamed to admit I’m human.

The Realisation

What does this mean?

Now I’ve finished battering the useless politicians, the fuckwit media for creating panic and the moronic panic buyers who seem to be shitting themselves a lot there’s a point to this.

The world is still going to be here, but it’s going to change. I’ve seen people stressing about how it’s all going to hold together and keep working and what world we will be left with afterwards. The world will still be here but I do feel the winds of change. The ironic thing about this though is that all the panicking going on is becasue people are afraid of change or the uncertain. Yet by the very act of doing it change of some kind is going to come about.

Working from home is going to become more normal for starters. Having had to do it myself I can see it’s uses – even if I’m struggling to get used to it.

There are likely to be new partnerships and collaborations born becasue people and companies are working together so much more. This is where I see the light of true humanity in this.

The biggest thing for me though is the acknowledgement from many countries that the wealth the powerful enjoy comes from the majority of the populous. They have to preserve this thin order to move on afterwards.

What does the future hold?

There’s a question… But if we look at the problems we have found in this. What are the possible solutions? One thing that has been starkly obvious is that we can’t be trusted to be sensible in a situation and respond rather than react (not everyone but enough). Could we find that there’s greater regulation on how we live when this is over.

But this is where the idea that this post came from, if I look into my crystal ball what do I see? Or rather what could the future hold? Between the extremes of everything goes back to normal and apocalypse what could happen?

Here’s some things I’ve been thinking about.

A few weeks to a few months from now along with the cases increasing and likely dropping the levels of waste from al the excessive buying will go way up. I can see it in the news now. Bins overflowing with wasted food and stuff bought and not used. The last stage in the folly of panic buying.

But what I’m thinking about future wise is how is this all going to look in say three months time back at all this and shrug and think to ourselves – hey that wasn’t as bad as they made out or at least yeah we’ve got this now.
The media will find a new toy to play with and milk that for all it’s worth and the politicians will go back to lying and self serving gain.

At the end of the year we’re likely to say please God fuck off 2020 you were a shit year and who can argue with that. But we’ll also likely look back and the figures used to predict infection and death rates were wildly out becasue they can’t work these things out as they’re happening.

But the Earth will still be here, we will still be living on it and there will be a human race. We need to stay indoors to slow the infection rate down a bit and help those we love (or don’t) that are vulnerable but we just need to calm our shit down and think a little.

I’ll leave you all with that thought happy space travellers!

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Blog Orbit – Blog Date March 2020

Looking out of the window on the day I wrote this post I had but one thought – it was the first day of spring. The daffs are out as well as the crocuses poking their colourful little heads up out of the ground. Then I realised I’ve hardly posted at all in the last month… this is bothering me.

Work and life and all that is keeping me from writing anything and I’m struggling to see and end to it all. So I have to say thank you to all you bloggies for keeping up with me and checking in every so often, I do see your likes and comments and I will get around to answering them soon.

They say the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and that the thing isn’t it? Getting all philosophical about life now I can see how my blogging has changed over time and circumstances and yet I’m still here and posting away when I can, spreading the message spewed out by my deranged mind to the hope that maybe someone likes to read it. Some of you do that’s the thing!

So even though I’m not about much right now I will be popping in and posting I will try and read your posts and who knows maybe soon I’ll be posting some more… fingers crossed eh bloggies?

Let me know how you guys are – what are you working on? How’s life?

Keep smiling and writing.

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