I’ve gone Syberspatial!

Now that you’ve read the title you’re probably thinking what the hell am I talking about? Fear not bloggies, I’ve not lost a screw from my brain – well I might have but let’s not go there right now.

Something has been niggling me for a while and it’s the blog name, cool thought it was it was a mouthful, a rip off from a chapter of a famous book, not about me (there needs to be a bit of me in this right?) and didn’t fit what I did.

I looked into what I do and something kept cropping up – concepts. Either in stories or picture or in thought. Abstract ideas brought into existence in one way shape of form. Some of you know that I’ve been coined the nickname Sy / Syborg or such like and I felt I had to put this together and come up with something original.

So… Syberspatial.

Much of the look and feel is the same, I think it still fits and it will give me something to work on later if I want a new look. But there will be much the same stuff, ideas, stories, artworks… with a bit of me in the mix.

I’ve updated the site front end – you’re now greeted with a neat little homepage with easy access to the best stuff. In the contact area there’s information on there to get in touch and work with me.

Have a look and let me know what you think, have fun and I’ll see you bloggies about!

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32 thoughts on “I’ve gone Syberspatial!

    1. Your thoughts about change for me thinking… Accepting and driving change is arguably one of the great human traits that many resist.
      Change is great if done right… Let’s hope it’s right here lol πŸ˜‚

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