I missed out on watching Captain Marvel at the cinema, so I had to wait until it came out on the streaming services and as it happened it came out the other week and I watched it. But in the time it’s taken me to watch it I’ve noticed a lot of hate and negativity towards to star Brie Larson. I never get rolled up in this kind of crap but it did make me curious to see what the fuss is about.

In short I can’t see what the problem is and this is where (I feel) we are seeing a lot of increased criticism that is neither needed or wanted creeping into the fan bases of popular films. I don’t remember this kind of thing happening years ago it seem now that everyone has to be a critic. Personally for me I thought Captain Marvel was a great film and I would like to see a second film released soon with Brie as the lead again.

Anyone who thinks otherwise… meh. Whatever.

The Plot

The plot I thought hit a good balance between the simple fight between good and evil and the more complex controversy of who really is your enemy. It gave the story two interesting and different halves with the common theme of who Vers (aka Carol Danvers) was and what her history was.

The story twists from the simple fight of good and evil to rediscovering a forgotten self, a hamn taken from Earth and in the process discovering the truth and how what she’s been taught is wrong.

Brie Larson

Brie Larson played the hero Carol Danvers and I thought she was great. The no nonsense character who constantly sought to reach her true potential while overcoming the obstacles in her way was nice. It put subtle but clear parallels on today’s life of removing the unnecessary obstacles from anyone who wishes to achieve – including and especially women.

Being set in the 1990’s put’s an interesting slant on this as we forget that it wasn’t that long ago that strong divides were enforced and encouraged and even though we

What I would say here is that how Larson acted has been criticised by a lot of people. Comments on her not smiling to be frank are unnecessary. She did a great job so all I can do is give the thumbs up.

Samuel L Jackson

With Samuel L Jackson playing a rather young Fury we get to see a beginning in the Marvel universe as well. Turning up to Sporting two eyes for most of the film we find later that a rather weird cat that can eat a lot of aliens has a rather nasty scratch.

What’s also neat about Captain Marvel is we see the beginning of the Avengers initiative. Carol Danvers pilot callsign serving as the inspiration that takes her and the Marvel heroes that come after into the Avengers future.

In summary this was a great Marvel hero film, the first with seriously powerful female hero and it deserves to be realised as such. Captain Marvel is not overstated as being female and neither is it understated either. The negative comments it’s attracted is to me part of the toxic attention that seems to be attracted to the big fantasy films such as Marvel and Star Wars and it’s not needed or wanted.

I’m looking forward to seeing more Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and I hope it’s not too far away and I would really like to see this character go places and great things done with it. Because she can go anywhere.

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28 thoughts on “Marvelling at a Marvel-ous Captain

  1. I am rather amazed and at the same time not.
    Loud protests about a strong woman character or strong black character. Look at the bile which came out from the reboot of Ghostbusters? There is always a loud, virulent block that expect White Male leads all the time
    Actually they are dwarfed by the majority. It’s just that the majority do not make so much fuss.
    I’ve been reading Marvel since 1967. They got the complexity of Captain Marvel just right (she has been through quite a few changes in her career). The rebooted Fury (from the Marvel Ultimate era) is as always great value. Annddddd in the long history of the Skrulls there have been good and bad guys (like in their very first appearance in The Fantastic Four), as for the Kriee; they have always been nasty jerks mucking about with other races genes.
    To clear up something Ms Marvel is not Arabian, her family is Pakistani and the backdrop story of a flight from the Indian Sub-continent during The Partition is very touching.
    So as a final rant…..All this fuss and yet any hateful psychopathic mass murderer (so long as he is white and male with a god-complex) is lauded as an anti-hero. Something very wrong there

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    1. I didn’t know much of that but it’s always good to hear the voice of someone who’s knows the history. I think people seem to think they have more right then every to be not just critical but nasty. It needs to stop.

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  2. It was a fairly good movie, if not a little SJW in it’s telling. The Skrulls are probably even worse than the Kree in the comic books. Neither are saints by any means though. Because they’re the oddball looking aliens though, they become the new good guys in the MCU.

    I think if the haters are honest, Bree Larsen did a fine job in the role. What bothers them is that Marvel has been turned upside down since Disney bought them out. Pushing political correctness is more important than a good story. For those who have only have the movies to go by, it seems hard to believe. Tony Stark was replaced by an even smarter Black Teenager, Thor was replaced by Jane Foster and wasn’t even worthy enough to pick up Mjolnir anymore, Steve Rogers was replaced by the Falcon as Captain America, etc… Then there’s just bad storytelling and character revamps, like Cyclops becoming evil and leaving his wife (Jean Grey) for Emma Frost (Magneto’s blond telepath in the First Class movie). Oh, did I mention he killed Professor X also?

    Anyway, the character of Captain Marvel sort of became a lightning rod for all the changes. That name originally belonged to an iconic 70s hero. He died in the books though. marvel decides to give the name to Carol Danvers, and a young Arab (IIRC) teen gets Carol’s old ID of Miss Marvel. We also later find out this new Miss Marvel will become President in the future and bring peace the the entire planet. In the mean time, Carol gets bumped up to the role of the most power character in the Marvel Universe short of true cosmic level entities. Even the Hulk or Phoenix are supposed to be NO match for her.

    The die hard fans see it as the ruin of their stories much like some Star Wars fans despise the new Disney movies. The character has become a lightning rod against militant feminism and political correctness.

    Not saying I agree with it mind you. I do at least understand where these folks are coming from however.


  3. I was hesitant to see this film at first, because I was not impressed by her Captain Marvel in Avengers Endgame. And here’s why, she’s supposed the most “powerful” avenger and she couldn’t take out Thanos at the end when Stark did what he did?

    I was so mad, but then my son talked me into watching the film and I came to understand her character a lot better. But I’m still kind of pissed that she couldn’t save Tony Stark….yes, yes we know RDJ didn’t want to play Ironman forever, blah, blah, blah…..lol


  4. Totally agree! I’m a huge fan of the Marvel movies so I watch them when they come out in theaters. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen Captain Marvel but I remember enjoying it. It wasn’t the best of them but definitely not the worst. It was a fun movie, with some interesting twists despite coming from a studio criticized for being formulaic.

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  5. I had forgotten about this movie, but still really want to see it. See his Captain Marvel compares to Wonder Woman (the 2nd one our soon), and as you say to start seeing the beginning of the amazing marvel universe. I liked your take on the movie and think this a must see now. Hope you’re well SImon.

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      1. I’m doing OK. Thank you for the email by the way. It was really nice. I don’t have to much to dat, but It was really if you. It was a nice day outside despite being February. Look after yourself too :]

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  6. You are so right. Captain Marvel was the first Marvel release that had a great plot. A great cast and most people that aren’t MCU fans actually liked. Me for instance.

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    1. Thanks for replying Candice, it’s good to hear there’s some love out there for it as it seems to have a attracted a lot of negativity and I don’t know why. I don’t think it’s justified.


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