Letter to Myself – Open Next Year (2021)

For those of you I haven’t yet caught – Happy new year to you! Those of you that have been followers for some time will know that this is something that I take part in early in the new year, I take a look at my latter for last year and write myself a letter to open next year.

Back in 2016 my friend Erin of Bubbles and Beebots tagged me in on this and I’ve been keeping this up since then as I have found this to be an interesting and relevant way to remember where I was a year ago and maybe help guide me on the year ahead.

For anyone who reads this I would definitely recommend giving this a go at least once as see what you think of it. Do it in the way that you think is best, there’s no rules and for me at least this is far more worthwhile that any new year resolutions. This isn’t just about looking back, it’s about looking forward too. I’ve tagged some bloggies on the end of this but really if you fancy it, do it and link it to this post so I can see who and what’s going on.

Last year’s letter is here:
Letter to Myself – Open Next Year (2020)

Hello Simon of 2021, assuming you’re reading this you survived another year and here you are looking into another year with questions, hope and a bit of wonder.

As you know 2019 wasn’t great in many ways, a lot of things went wrong, nearly got arrested and carted off by the police and such like. You struggled for a long time with a lot of it. You need to put this behind you in 2020 and look forward.

But look forward to what?

You need to start listening to yourself a bit, you need to work on the things you want to work on. Ignore the distractions, find the places and times that you can think and do this. You need to work on being you, the full fat (no pun intended) unashamed you. Right now more than at any other time you want to break free of the bonds that make you this normalised robot and be more but you don’t know how and in what way.

Find what you need to be and do it, write the stories, draw the drawings, create the concepts and make them yours. You can do it, I know you can. Don’t let anyone drag you down, you’ve done that for far too long and you know you’re sick of it. You have to be brave, fierce in your pursuit of this. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Leave behind all that has been and make this year your year and use this to build on in the future. You’ll find the answers you’re seeking, just keep looking and they will come to you. Be kind to yourself as well as others and remember to rest more, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Read lots of books, write lots, draw lots and live lots when you can. Seek peace where you can learn to be ok with yourself in your own mind and body. Keep looking to the Sun, the Moon and the stars, re-discover them and capture them.

Live life a bit so that when you look back at 2020, even if you’re utterly broke you’ll think oh yeah – let’s do that again!

Now go and get on with it!

I’m going to suggest a few people to try this, anyone can and I think everyone should. These are just some names out of a hat:

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© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2022

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55 thoughts on “Letter to Myself – Open Next Year (2021)

  1. Hey my friend, I enjoyed reading this and I detected an air of hope and kindness in it which I loved. Hope 2020 is a wonderful year for you Si. Think this is a fabulous way to inspire yourself (and others). xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a cool idea and what an honor to be tagged in this. Thank you my friend I really appreciate it and might just have to give it a go. How would I do this? I feel like I’m a year behind lol.
    I would write a letter to myself about 2020 to be opened and shared in 2021, right? It will reflect on 2019 and be a motivation for 2020 and what I would like to see change in myself. I think I got it. Wow…I need to think about it. Great idea. Thank you 🙏🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol… It’s how you want to do it. Reflect on 2019 to inspire 2020 kinda how I look at it.
      You don’t look at it until next year and it’s quite an interesting feeling to read it the year after you wrote it.
      I thought you might like the idea, so you’re very welcome 😀♥️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. good one Si … nearly arrested, sounds traumatic! But in time you will be able to reflect on it and laugh.
    Hope your humbug season went well and that 2020 is fun without the drama 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I should’ve read this before writing mine. I love it! Good luck for your next year…. I hope you get there! Looking forward to reading next years…
    Love, light and glitter

    Liked by 1 person

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