Word prompt stories – I’m going to try and look for a word prompt daily (haha don’t laugh) and see if I can create something short and sweet to write around it. As it’s me I’ll probably try and put a science fiction spin on it.

For all you reading it, this is a challenge for you as well, can you come up with something based in the chosen word? Post it on your blog and link back to this post something short of around 50 – 200 words (but no limit really) , it can be a story, poem, thought or whatever.

Why not join in and create something?


Nothing prepared me for what I saw that day, in a place where no man could exist, a human like creature stood outside. But with the brightness of the sun shining from his body as if some unnatural fusion between man and star had taken place.

He beckoned for me to come and somehow I could not resist. In disbelief I rose and the bulk head door opened. The air stayed in the cabin and I took the hand of this being.

Would I return? I didn’t care.

Β© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2021

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10 thoughts on “Word Prompt Story – Fusion

  1. Wires and shards of metal littered the workroom’s floor. The girl sat a few feet away, buried under a pile of pliers and screws and bolts and even more wires. The boy watched her work, then caught her eye when she looked up to hunt for some kind of tool.
    “Think we should try again?”
    The boy’s voice was scratchy and hoarse. The girl nodded, her red curls bouncing around her head.
    The boy stood, shaky and weak. He crossed the room, then punded on the door. Loudly.,
    A voice called back. “Supplies?”
    The boy yelled,”LET US OUT!”
    The girl was trembling when the boy walked over to her and picked up the wires. He twisted them and twined them, then attached the tangled bunch to the machine she was working on. It sputtered to life as the tears swam in the girl’s brown eyes. “I can’t. Can’t build a machine like that for such evil people. Won’t.”
    The boy shook his head, then shook it again to sweep his black hair out of his eyes. “We have to.” His voice cracked. “We’ll die here.”
    The girl stared.” Okay. Fine build the machine. Install a malware. Set a timer. How… How do we build the machine?”
    The boy collapsed backwards, groaning. He fished out the malware chip from his pocket and gave it to the girl. His eyes were drooping, and hunger gnawed at his stomach like a feral beast.
    It clicked. They just needed a…
    Sleep fogged his mind- maybe it was the drugged food, or just plain exhaustion. The word slipped out before his eyes shut. “Fusion.”
    The boy recieved no reply except a buzz of electricity, the snapping of metal and a very loud scream.
    But no, he did not wake up.
    Nor had he fallen asleep.

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