Word Prompt Story – Project

Word prompt stories – I’m going to try and look for a word prompt daily (haha don’t laugh) and see if I can create something short and sweet to write around it. As it’s me I’ll probably try and put a science fiction spin on it.

For all you reading it, this is a challenge for you as well, can you come up with something based in the chosen word? Post it on your blog and link back to this post something short of around 50 – 200 words (but no limit really) , it can be a story, poem, thought or whatever.

Why not join in and create something?


I had never in all my days seen any man made object as large and as complex as the starship that was spread out before him. The immensity boggled the mind, the attention to detail was outstanding.

I was going to take this and my crew further from Earth than any had been before. They said the project was nearing completion, I said it was just getting started.

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2023

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One thought on “Word Prompt Story – Project

  1. The girl gaped at this new world as she slowly awoke.
    It was so…
    Colorful. Alive. Vibrant.
    She had very little recollection of what exactly had happened to her.
    Actually, no recollection. Who was she? Did she have a name? Was she even a she?
    “She’s awake. I’m bringing her out of the suspension dome.”
    The girl heard the voice through the glass of the bubble-shaped glass sphere she sat in, and slowly, the goo below her began to drain away as the various machines attached to her began to unhook themselves automatically.
    A sliding door opened, and the girl crawled through with shaky limbs.
    When she entered the real world, when she left the glass dome’s safety, the first thing the girl did was sob.
    This world was not so beautiful anymore.
    There was so much. Too much.
    The light waves sliced across her corneas, and everything was too clear and sharp. The millions of little crystals that made up her glass dome. The way a scientist’s lashes fluttered and twisted as she blinked. The swirls of water in the goo that still covered her hands. The colors clashed with her sight, weaving a net that weighed heavily upon her eyes.The white light from the bulbs set into the ceiling kept splitting into the rainbow and then melding together again.
    There were so many feelings. Tiny currents of air swooshing across her skin. Warmth from all the people’s bodies heating her up. The bioelectricity and auras around everyone making her entire body tingle and buzz.
    Smells kept assailing her nose. The sweet, citrusy scent from someone’s perfume. The sharp, bitter odor of the slime that dripped from her hair. The rotted, salty smell of sweat.
    And, gods above, the noise.
    The sounds kept battering her poor eardrums- the deep, vibrating thrum of voices talking, the shrill, piercing beeps of machines, the sandpaper-like sound of boots scuffing against the smooth white tiles. Combined with the buzz from all the bioelectricity and mental energy in the room, the girl was quite sure her brain would shatter.
    The lights dimmed, the veil lifted from her eyes. The baritone of voices fettered away, and the mental energy in the room stopped spiking all over the place. The tiny currents of air stopped scraping against her skin, but instead began to slide gently.
    The girl whispered in a husky, unused voice,”Thank you.”
    Hands settled on her shoulders, and warmth seeped through her thin black shirt. The girl stared into a face of a woman. Dark skin, luscious eyelashes, and jewels scattered through her braided black hair. Even with the soft light, the jewels still flashed across her eyes- but it did not hurt.
    “Listen. You’re a special girl. We have refixed and rearranged your DNA. Your name is Kalisha. And… that is all you need to know. Good luck.”
    The girl liked this woman’s voice. It was soft and whispery, and it slid along her throbbing ears- soothing and smooth.
    “Okay,” Kalisha said. She liked that too. She was special. She had new DNA.
    “Very good, Tenisi.”
    Tenisi straightened, and the warmth disappeared from her shoulders.The bioelectricity in the room crashed and wavered, the mental energy surged and spiked.
    A man shrouded in shadows walked into the room.
    “Now, where is my special little project?”


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