Digital Art with InkScape – Drawing Grass the Easy Way

Ever thought about drawing some grass? Me neither until recently but I’ve found a cool way to do it in Inkscape. Have a look:

Create the Blade

With the pen tool draw a line with the line shape set to Triangle Out.

Bend the Brass

Using the Nodes tool click on the grass in the middle and pull it out to give it a realistic bend.

Move the Origin

Now using the selection tool, click on the blade twice. A cross will appear. This is the origin – drag it to the bottom.

I needed to use black as a colour, click on another colour or gradient to set the blade to how it needs to look.

Clone the Grass

Go to Edit > Clone > Create Tiled Clones.
Click reset Before starting.


Set Shift X – Per Column to -85%
Set Shift Y – Randomize to 25%


Scale Y – Randomize – 10%


Angle – Randomize – 10%


Rows, Columns 1 & 500

Click Create and wait for the magic.

A patch of grass created with Inkscape

There it is – a patch of grass, this can be copied or new clones duplicated as required. But I loved how this was a nice, effective easy way to create grass in Inkscape.

Any ideas for something that you’re struggling with? Let me know.

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2022

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