Enigmatic Episodes – The Philadelphia Experiment

Enigmatic Episodes looks at the mysteries and urban legends that I’ve found on the internet and finds out more about them. Are they real? Could there be a cover up? What monster may live on, in or outside our Earth? Are the Aliens watching us?

As described, the Philadelphia experiment was alleged to be a first attempt at applying cloaking technology back in 1943. As the story claims USS Eldridge was said to completely disappear and when it re-appeared crewmen reported trauma and some having partly re-materialised within the fabric of the ship.

A detailed account of this an be found here:

The Philadelphia Experiment


This story is believed to be a hoax, which originated from de-gaussing experiments performed on the USS Eldridge. De-gaussing the Eldridge would meant magnetic mines would not have been attracted to the ships hull. It’s also believed the stories may have in part come from corona experiments carried out on the USS Timmerman, but neither of these experiments were claiming to be able to achieve the feats that this story claims.

No-one had that kind of technology, to test Einsteins unified field theory way back in the 1940’s… Did they? There are many holes in this story. If you wanted to run this kind of experiment why would you use a ship full of men as well to witness this? The US Navy was able to explain the ship’s movements and were able to explain that USS Eldridge was able to travel from Philadelphia to Norfolk and back again in a single day, where merchant ships could not.

The chances are this story is fake, but what if it wasn’t? What if this was done and the crew members that have reported the facts have been discredited. This kind of experiment is not one that the instigators would want broadcast, especially at the time as they throw the enemy off the truth.

What do you think? Was the USS Eldridge a huge unified field theory experiment? If, no matter how unlikely there was something going on will we know the truth? What about the men you are said to have partially materialised int the ship’s bulkhead – what became of them?

Photocredit @conspiracystory from Twitter

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3 thoughts on “Enigmatic Episodes – The Philadelphia Experiment

  1. I suppose it’s remotely possible but the trouble with conspiracy theories like this one is that they require the complete silence of two cities, a ship’s crew, the families of the dead crew members AND the entire science staff involved in such a project and all their related support personnel.

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