Digital Art with InkScape – Drawing Shapes

When I first looked at InkScape as a graphical design tool I was bit disappointed with the shapes I thought were on offer. But as it turns out I was a bit hasty. After having a little play I’ve found they have a few shape tools with a lot of power.

Rectangles and Squares

A rectangle or square is just that – not here. Place a rectangle onto the drawing space, it doesn’t matter what size or shape really.

Now click and drag the circular corner handle either down or along.

Keep going…

Then back and bit of the other one… neat.

Circles and Ellipses

Circles are pretty as the norm, circles and ellipses

Stars and Polygons

This was the big surprise for me though.

Place a star, any size and look for the square handle on it. Then play. I was getting all sorts like this:

There’s lots of fun could be had with this. So there it is – shapes in Inkscape. I’m hoping to create more posts on using Inkscape and creating my own work with it – is there anything you readers would like to see?

Blog Orbit – June 2023

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A Lens to the Sky

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Thinking about it makes it Hurt – The Tax System

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