Hello bloggies, happy October to you all! Ok I know we’re already 7 days in but it has to be said as it’s October – nearly Halloween and the charge has started towards the big C I won’t mention (please don’t hate me).

So – what’s going on?

I’m continuing to play… I’ve not been able to get much big content out and I’ve been playing about with some different things.

Firstly I’ve been adding some of the daily pics and posts from the NASA website, becasue there’s some really cool stuff on there. It’s a bit of a cheat I know but some of it is really good.

I’ve also added some doodles recently, little sketches / drawings that I’ve made and I’ve been sharing with you.

The next thing I’ve started posting is a daily story snippet based around a word I’ve found. There’s a few of these now posted and I’m finding it an interesting way of keeping my hand in a little writing and blogging. I think it could wind up being too much to post and to read daily, but it think it will be frequent.

Last week saw September’s Blog Battle Story The Perseus Incident published. This month the story prompt is clone. Nothing sci-fi there at all to play with is there?

Remember to have a go too, let me know if you take part in the blog battle and I’ll make sure I read up.

Enigmatic Episodes started coming out last week too. Based on my old Scifi Files series I’m re-posting this set of posts and adding more new ones. These are stories about mysteries, conspiracies and the such that might have rational explanations. But also might not.

The first one out is here and if you love sea stories you’ll love this:
Enigmatic Episodes – Julia

Also make sure you look up my other blog Syborg’s Site. There’s some good stuff going on here, a lot of great pictures going up that I’m loving taking. Have a look…

I’m thinking that I need to find something that I can post about more frequently, any ideas on this are truly welcome as awesomeness takes time to create and I need to keep feeding nugget’s of awesomeness to the blogoshpere… any thoughts welcome.

Let me know how you guys are – what are you working on? How’s life?

Keep smiling and writing.

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