Word Prompt Story – Inversion

Word prompt stories – I’m going to try and look for a word prompt daily (haha don’t laugh) and see if I can create something short and sweet to write around it. As it’s me I’ll probably try and put a science fiction spin on it.
Let’s see if this works.

Also this is for all you reading it, this is a challenge for you as well, can you come up with something based in the chosen word? If you can create something short of around 50 – 200 words (but no limit really) , it can be a story, poem, thought or whatever and link back to this post.

Go for it!


The idea tortured him, like some kind of parasite burrowing into his thoughts. Time inversion could be done, the direction of time could be reversed and he would be living backwards in time?

All the mistakes, the wrong things, the things he should have done could be made right. He could live the life he wanted. But would history merely repeat iself? Would he still be in the same aging body? What might be the consequences?
Could the time inversion be reversed?

He had to know.

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2023

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7 thoughts on “Word Prompt Story – Inversion

    1. Thank about something happens the opposite way it should and you have inversion.
      Like maybe co workers not annoying Huntress and bring nice. Their behaviour would be an inversion.

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  1. Hey. I’m back. Again. HAHA. Anyways- are we also allowed to like, write our own stuff on the word you give us? Also- amazing short-text-writing-story or whatever you want to call it. Pretty good language! Well- here’s my spin on inversion.

    The word echoed around in her skull, her drugged mind slowly awakening.
    Her eyes opened, her vision and sight sharper and clearer, and she could feel each thread in the blanket covering her body. She felt lighter than ever before- her saggy skin once stretched out taut over her bones, smells that she could never register before assailing her nostrils, the rolls of fat around her stomach and arms smoothed away to muscle. Her wispy white curls were again bouncing in all their black glory, her murky grey eyes restored to their original sharp color that was akin to the heart of a storm cloud.
    The woman elegantly rose out of the bed, no longer hobbling, but walking with the grace of her youth- like that of a trained dancer, and smiled, her luscious pink lips stretching out over teeth that were no longer resembled little yellow stubs, but were instead blindingly white and sharper than a razor.
    What had they done?

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    1. Hi ya, yeah that’s the idea. I’m going to try and write something daily with a word I come up with and anyone can going in. If your like you can put it in a post and link back or whatever.

      I like what you wrote, it’s clever and you’re descriptive. I like it 😀

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