Hi there bloggies! The orbit of the infinite is here again for your… something not really sure what. But here we go anyway! The week just gone was busy in all kinds of ways but mainly in trying to advance my blogging world.

This week brought a few little gems from the dark depths of my mind and imagination:

First one is about a subject that trouble many… Why can’t we hear the Aliens? Everything from human stupidity to Galaxy taxes comes in here.

Later I posted only something on wisdom and philosophy in Sci-Fi moments. Sci Fi moments is something I’ve wanted to more of but I’ve not got around to it… expect a few more of these!

I’m going to try and mentiona blogger every week but no promises. This week I wanted to mention Roger of the previous blog Woebegone but Hopeful. He’s back after WordPress marked his blog as spam (stupid WordPress – are you listening?) with:

Writing Despite Computers and Programmes

Make sure you welcome him back!

I’m trying to keep up with you all, and do great stuff. Make sure you come and say hi and let me know you’re about. Let me know what you’re thinking about the new look and new direction.

I hope you’re all well! Let me know what you’ve been up to!

Keep smiling and writing.

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