Sci-Fi Moments – Wisdom and Philosophy

Science fiction allows the writer to create situations that we wouldn’t normally expect in the normal run of things. This in turn allows us to stretch our thinking beyond the normal and into these situations and to think about. The battle between good and evil and the struggles faced by the characters stands out in all these stories.

This is a collection of a few that came to mind.

Do or do not – There is no try.

Yoda is one of the greatest characters in the Star Wars universe. His powerful knowledge and wisdom is delivered with such a gentle and even amusing method it really cuts to the core.

In this scene Luke Skywalker doubts his abilities say that he will try. Do or do not he is told…

This is where I fall

Peter Capaldi in my view was a great doctor and had some really great speeches to deliver. His powerful presence brought something into them that is quite unique.
He he’s trying to convince his arch nemesis The Master (Missy) to stand with him, not becasue it’s easy or even becasue it will work, just becasue it’s the right thing to do.

Time is like a predator

In this clip, Captain Picard is trying to talk around Dr Soran, planning on destroying a star to enter the Nexus and gain an immortal life one of the most insightful speeches on time and humanity makes you think about the truth of our existence as Picard puts it.

What do you think of these? Are there better ones I should have thought of? Maybe I’ll include them in a later post?

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18 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Moments – Wisdom and Philosophy

  1. I think a lot about that “time is a predator” thing from Generations. Picard’s follow up at the end of the movie is truly profound: time is a companion reminding us to value the moment.

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    1. Hi Roger, I see you’ve defeated the spam filter. I think it’s a bit extreme for WordPress to do that to you but it’s good to see you.
      Have you tried importing your old posts yet?

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    1. I’ve tried hard to think about this and I can’t come up with much – the best I can do is Benedict Cumberbatch. He has that air and quality but he doesn’t look much like him.

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      1. Hmm good choice, I think I’d choose (this is going to sound odd, but I love him) Noel Fielding. I think he’d make a great younger Picard, I mean if he’d be interested in a serious, dramatic role that is.

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