Right now the human race has this big obsession with aliens. If they’re out there where are they? Why don’t they make contact? Are they ignoring us? Among this is the thinking that our radio signals from the past 100 years or so are showing a potential alien race where we are and so we should really be quieter.

Seti – the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has been scouring the radio waves for a sign that alien life is out there and transmitting radio waves that we can pick up. This brings to me images of aliens some light years away watching the BBC and you know what that annoys me becasue they haven’t paid their license!

Man on a can from Canva

I think that maybe we’re missing something. Consider for a moment the crude form of communication between two tins using a piece of string. Someone standing next to them with a radio or mobile phone can’t hear them and the people with the can’s can’t hear the phone conversation.

What if, just maybe there’s a different way of communication that aliens have found that is way better than radio? To them we’re still on strings and can’s and maybe they’re using gravity waves to communicate on and that’s much better?

USS Enterprise -E No Credit claimed

Because they probably have warp drive and if they still used radio the starship would overtake the radio signal so that would be useless. It’s better to deliver the message in person. You know, I’m kind of thinking here that we’re on radio silence probably becasue we’re not listening right.

I think we need to be ready though, becasue when we do find the right way to communicate we need to be ready for the millions of text messages asking where we are and telling us that we’re rude for ignoring them. We might be behind on Galaxy space rent as well which we might not be expecting.

Either that or maybe yeah… they’re ignoring us.

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23 thoughts on “Why can’t we hear the aliens?

  1. It makes me so mad that the aliens haven’t paid their TV licence!!
    On a serious note, I’m pretty sure there are aliens out there. However, maybe they won’t communicate with us until they perceive we are ready for it.

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  2. Whose to say some humans aren’t already communicating with them? I mean there technology on this planet that shouldn’t be here, I think reverse engineering is how we got a lot of the tech we use already, just sayin’.

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      1. Well, I’m pretty sure the government(s) might be working on time travel. But the lower tech stuff like what we saw on Star Trek, the imaging for medical purposes, cell phones, microwaves, there is so much that I think might not be here if we already didn’t have some type of information on. Have you heard of the H blocks at Puma Punku in Bolivia? Those things were machined, but they are thousands of years old. Now, how could a culture that didn’t have the tools to machine those H blocks? Something to think about.

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      2. I’ve heard about blocks in Inca structures that fit together so well you can’t fit a razor blade between them. I do think something has been going on… Not sure what.
        Time travel is just an engineering problem now.

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