Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 29-2019

Hi there bloggies! The orbit of the infinite comes around again, a day later than I would like but there it is.

As I sit here now I’m melting in what is only morning heat and the temperature is going to really climb today so I’m not sure how I’ll cope but you know I will.

I’m trying t make sure I get some posts in and last week I got a few in to entertain you:

Space Travel – What good is it to the human race?

Hubble uncovers Black Hole disk that shouldn’t exist

The Nightfall Dance

50 Years ago – One Small Step, One Giant Leap

My Nightfall Dance post is my first venture into the semi poetic for sometime, I’m told it’s apparently…

So there’s kind of been a exploration theme this last week gone, with the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing and talking about what good space exploration has done for the human race what do you think? Have we left it too long to go back?

Should we just stop it all and hide here on Earth?

I’m trying to keep up with you all, but if anyone is feeling neglected out there do let me know as the reader makes it nearly impossible to know what’s going on…

I hope you’re all well!

Let me know what you’ve been up to!

Keep smiling and writing.

14 Replies to “Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 29-2019”

  1. Lack of progress has been governments prioritizing social engineering and getting worse at managing money,

    I’m floored by so many people nowadays saying that nothing came from the space program. There are so many medical, scientific and engineering break throughs that came about either directly or indirectly from it…

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    1. People do say that a lot and they get surprised when you point out all the things they wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for it.

      I think we need to just abolish money…


      1. That’s good to know – what will you be doing?
        Don’t be silly Charley, you’re great and you’ve not neglected me ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. We definitely need to get back to the Moon. I’ve heard a lot about the E.S.A. wanting to build a Moon Village as the successor to the International Space Station. I’m very excited about that idea.

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  3. I find it weird that there has not been substantial progress since 1969.
    As for the neglect, what I do is I use comments on my posts as a reminder to go and check out other people. Like you said – sometimes the Reader messes things up.

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