One of the things I’ve come to realise is that I will not be an astronaut, I will not walk on the Moon and I will not walk on Mars. I’m too old and to be brutally honest to myself I would cost to much to launch! I was ind of born a few generations too early I think, but hey.

But – I can apply to get my name sent to Mars. NASA is inviting people to get their names etched into microchips that will be used on the Mars 2020 rover launching next year.

Read about it here:

The Mars Insight mission took with it some 2 million names and if you want to be in with a chance of getting your name onto Mars 2020 click here:

Click here to send your name to Mars

As part of it you get a boarding pass and digital mission patch. While it’s nothing tangible it’s pretty cool and it gives everyone around the world the chance to take part and award point for miles travelled – which is more than a few!

What do you think? Is this a good idea or is this kind of thing not your thing?

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20 thoughts on “Take part in the next Mars mission by adding your name!

      1. Thanks Simon.
        I need Mars as the jumping off point for my travels around Saturn’s moons….and when that phase is completed Kupier I come!😃

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      1. It is! Normally these kind of things are made awkward to fill in or whatnot and I end up giving up!!! Thank you for sharing! I sent the link to my brother and he’s put my niece and nephews names on it too!!! Xx

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