A – Z Challenge – Sci-Fi Films H is for The Hunger Games

Hi there bloggies, I’ve been seeing some post warning me of an A – Z Challenge and I was curious. I’ve seen this around before but have never participated, for some mad reason I thought I would give it a go.

So here I am.

My theme is the A-Z of Scifi moves, I’ve not given this a great deal of thought and I know of a number but I won’t lie there’s some I will struggle with. I hope you enjoy them!

H is for The Hunger Games

Katniss volunteers to take her sisters place after she’s choses to take place in the annual Hunger Games after the 12 districts of Panem try and rebel against the ruling Government run by President Snow.As the 24 players are released, after a quick cull half are taken down then it’s up to Katniss to stay alive and become the last to survive.

Until the rules change and one other can survive.

Hunger games is great, with a huge cult following. The plot is simple, the strength of the story is in the characters, their own individual stories and what they will do to stay alive. Like a modern day Running Man this story is big on corrupt dystopian societies, the power of media and how it can corrupt and how far will a man go to keep power?

This was H – the odd one out. Now that’s done! Phew!

2001 – An Art Odyssey

Any of my long time bloggiesw ill know that one of my favourite all time SciFi stories is 2001 A Space Odyssey. For quite some time I’ve been thinking about what piece of work I could do for this. Eventually I chose this one, alshtough I have to say now that I would have done … Continue reading 2001 – An Art Odyssey

8 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge – Sci-Fi Films H is for The Hunger Games

  1. So THIS is your H post and a good choice at that! I read all the books and watched all the films too, although I did not quite agree with Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. I thought the film adaptation of the books was pretty good, and didn’t shy away from the violence portrayed in the books.

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      1. I’ve always thought that Jennifer Lawrence looked a little too smug and when I read the books, that’s not the look I imagined Katniss would have

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