A – Z Challenge – Sci-Fi Films U is for the Undiscovered Country

Hi there bloggies, I’ve been seeing some post warning me of an A – Z Challenge and I was curious. I’ve seen this around before but have never participated, for some mad reason I thought I would give it a go.

So here I am.

My theme is the A-Z of Scifi moves, I’ve not given this a great deal of thought and I know of a number but I won’t lie there’s some I will struggle with. I hope you enjoy them!

U is for the Undiscovered Country

I’ve tried to avoided using Star Trek films to sneak in, but as we’re reaching the end and Star Trek hasn’t had mention I think I can do this… I’m allowing myself.

It starts with the Klingon moon Praxis exploding, one of the key energy production facilities for the Klingons this is a huge deal for them. NOrmally a war faring race the Klingons are forced to sit down at the negotiating table and discuss terms for peace. But it seems that not everyone is keen on peace. While escorting the Klingon flagship to federation space the Klingons are fired upon, seemingly by the Enterprise. Assassins beam aboard and kill the Klingon Chancellor, leaving the peace process in ruins. Going aboard the Klingon ship to help Kirk and McCoy are made to stand trial.

Left behind on the Enterprise Spock needs to find out what has happened and rescue Kirk and Bones before they’re killed if that wasn’t enough the peace process is continuing, so that needs to be saved as well before all out war results.

The Enterprise in the STVI The Undiscovered Country

The Undiscovered Country is one of, if not the best Star Trek film featuring the original crew of the Enterprise. Following the more comical deviations of the Voyage Home and the Final Frontier it gets back to proper Star Trek ground. It is however I feel a bit political at times and is trying too hard resulting in some cringey moments but it’s pretty good.

This was also the last trip out for the original crew in it’s entirety. It’s a god watch with a pretty decent battle scene at the end.

With U done that means V is next…

2001 – An Art Odyssey

Any of my long time bloggiesw ill know that one of my favourite all time SciFi stories is 2001 A Space Odyssey. For quite some time I’ve been thinking about what piece of work I could do for this. Eventually I chose this one, alshtough I have to say now that I would have done … Continue reading 2001 – An Art Odyssey

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