Happy Monday bloggies, get to see you all as I pass by on another weekly orbit around the blogosphere.

Have a look what I’ve got for you all this week!

During the last Orbit

As you all know I decided to take up the A-Z Challenge, where I need to post 26 daily posts (not including Sunday) through April. Apparently it’s in it’s 10th year but nonetheless I have decided to carry this out for SciFi movies so here’s what lasts week’s entries were:

F is for Forbidden Planet

G is for Guardians of the Galaxy

I is for Interstellar

J is for Jurassic Park

K is for Krull

L is for the Last Starfighter

Sharp eyes among you will notice H is missing – What can I say except bugger!

There’s going to be more A – Z this week so keep an eye out! It’s been great so far, I’ve discovered all these great stories I’ve mostly seen and you guys have shared with me what you have seen or like the sound of!

Watch out for H too 😀

This week I also covered (just for some variation) a post on one of my great podcasts the Infinite Monkey cage -for those into some fun science it’s a must!

Great Podcasts – The Infinite Monkey Cage

Post from Planet Simon Past

I don’t know how many of you know… But I have written a few stories and if you want to find them have a look here. I think some of them are rather ok, but then I would say that!

Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories

Out of this World Bloggers:

As a way of giving back to the blogging world and the great bloggies that you are I thought I would start featuring some of the great bloggies I know or have come across.

So this week’s lucky bloggies are:

Sam from Loving the Fifty Something
Sam is a great supporter of Planet Simon, appreciating the Sci-Fi elements due to a brother led upbringing!

AJ from Words of Sonobe
A new blogger that’s popped up to support the A- Z. Thanks for coming along 🙂

What are you bloggies doing over this week – anything fun and exciting going on?

Keep smiling and writing!

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Comic Cosmos – Water Vapour on Europa

The other day the Hubble space telescope detected water vapour on Jupiter’s moon Europa. In such a cold environment this wast expected. What’s there to learn here, unexpected forces at work or something else?

12 thoughts on “Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 16-2019

  1. I obviously don’t have sharp eyes because I didn’t even realise that H was missing! Can’t wait to see which film you’ll be writing for H though! Also, thanks for giving a shout out to me as an “out of this world blogger”!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Thank you, what a big surprise for including me in your ‘Out of this worlds Bloggers!’ Very kind of you 🙂 My brother would’ve loved your blog as I do 🙂 Hey, The Happening, think it starred Mark Wahlberg, great film for an ‘H’ 😀 Thanks again for the shout out, have a great day!


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