Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 15-2019

Hi ya Bloggies! The weekly orbit does it’s round again, I think this time I need some stratospheric fuel… To keep up with it all and you guys.

As another orbit passes I can honestly say I’ve been a busy little bee.

During the last Orbit

Since the last orbit I’ve gone a little insane. I decided to take up the A-Z Challenge, where I need to post 26 daily posts (not including Sunday) through April. Apparently it’s in it’s 10 year but nonetheless I have decided to carry this out for SciFi movies so here’s what lasts week’s entries were:

A is for Alien(s)

B is is for Blade Runner

C is for Capricorn One

D is for the Day the Earth Stood Still

E is for Event Horizon

I forgot to get one out for saturday – but carrying on this week where I left of is F. Don’t miss it!

What would a spaceship be without a Robbie? I kind of ask this question as I speculate that robots in space will be more important than spacesuits… After all for one thing they don’t need to breathe right?

Every Spaceship needs a Robbie

Post from Planet Simon Past

I have occasionally been known to wax a little poetically… Sometimes I think I should more but then I decide not to. Here’s a poetic post on Memories:

Torrents of Memories

Out of this World Bloggers:

As a way of giving back to the blogging world and the great bloggies that you are I thought I would start featuring some of the great bloggies I know or have come across.

So this week’s lucky bloggies are:

Georgia of HadriansGate – A recent bloggy friend but a fellow Sci-Fi writer and nerd too.

Charley of Books and Bakes – A long term bloggy friend who should be having some well earned time off.

Joanna of Melfka – Joanna has been keeping up with my A-Z and interacting like a boss, so thanks for that.

What are you bloggies doing over this week – anything fun and exciting going on?

Keep smiling and writing!

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