A – Z Challenge – Sci-Fi Films D is for The Day the Earth Stood Still

Hi there bloggies, I’ve been seeing some post warning me of an A – Z Challenge and I was curious. I’ve seen this around before but have never participated, for some mad reason I thought I would give it a go.

So here I am.

My theme is the A-Z of Scifi moves, I’ve not given this a great deal of thought and I know of a number but I won’t lie there’s some I will struggle with. I hope you enjoy them!

D is for the Day the Earth Stood Still

Before I start stop, it’s D, not T. If not I would have a tough time choosing T. The Day the Earth stood still was made originally in 1951 and again in 2008. An alien spacecraft makes its way across the solar system and lands in New York. The lone occupant (Klaatu) is mistaken as aggressive and is shot. Escaping from hospital Klaatu has a message he has to deliver to the world and with the military hunting him this isn’t going to be easy.

This film , whichever one is a classic, it’s not your everyday sci-fi flick and that’s what makes it that bit special. From the very human message to come from the stars to the powerful Gort this story, these films make for me a powerful story. The main theme is about the message where humanity is told that it needs to live peacefully. This is what makes the film timeless as it’s as relevant today as it was then.

Have you seen this The Day the Earth Stood Still? Both the old and new?

That makes for letter D – E should follow tomorrow!

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24 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge – Sci-Fi Films D is for The Day the Earth Stood Still

  1. I’m catching up with all of your A-Z’s, great choice of theme! I remember seeing the original, but not the modern, which I can’t believe I’ve missed if the gorgeous Keanu was in it – must seek that one out!

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  2. Oooh the first version came out the year I was born! Those were days everyone involved sweated blood to make sure the space craft didn’t wobble on its string during the take. Good film

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      1. Those were the days.
        Still mustn’t grumble…’Star Wars’ would have never worked by in the 1950s, apart from a series B movies

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      2. Indeed. Pity the Film Industry wasn’t financing spce exploration, we’d have bases on the Moon by now (with cinemas of course)


  3. Simon, I haven’t seen the new one, nor do I plan to, honestly. (I didn’t even know it had been remade, and, like most remakes, I suspect it pales in comparison to the original.) My husband and I share a love of this movie, to which he had introduced me; one of our favorite scenes is when Mr. Carpenter/Klaatu is observing Gort among the crowds and the radio reporter comes up to interview him. When Klaatu begins to speak a peaceful/hopeful message contrary to what this yellow journalist expects and wants to elicit, he quickly moves the mic away to someone else. Such a great understated movie. I wish it had more influence and pull, among non SF/F fans, today than it seems to, because it’s still so very relevant. Thanks for the reminder, Simon; I am enjoying your April series but haven’t had time to comment on the other posts yet. Keep it up!

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    1. Hi there Leigh, thanks for commenting it’s been a while. I agree the original is great and the new one is good in its own right but not the same.
      Thanks for commenting, pop by when you can ๐Ÿ˜€

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