A – Z Challenge – Sci-Fi Films B is for Blade Runner

Hi there bloggies, I’ve been seeing some post warning me of an A – Z Challenge and I was curious. I’ve seen this around before but have never participated, for some mad reason I thought I would give it a go.

So here I am.

My theme is the A-Z of Scifi moves, I’ve not given this a great deal of thought and I know of a number but I won’t lie there’s some I will struggle with. But anyway, here goes starting strangely enough with Z. Ha! Joking A!

B is for… Blade Runner

Replicants – artificial humans created to work in the hostile conditions in the colonies where humans do not want to or cannot operate. Illegal in human society after an uprising from them they’re now hunted down and killed by blade runners – mercenaries trained to identify and and ‘retire’ or kill them.

This film is can iconic Sci-Fi film, again directed by Ridley Scott this film has a whole load of philosophical concepts to create the plot and storyline. I first watched this when I was round 8 or 9 and I’ve not seen it for years so one thing I realize is that I will not remember many of the points of the film I need to grasp to appreciate it properly.

This is definitely one to watch, even though the sequel only came out recently there’s a huge following behind it as it’s about so much more than hunter killer.

That makes for letter B – C should follow tomorrow!

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20 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge – Sci-Fi Films B is for Blade Runner

  1. Watching the latest Blade Runner made me go back to watch the one with Harrison Ford. I’m a fan of Harrison Ford but the pace of the original was too slow for me.

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  2. Your post reminded me that we have recently bought a blu-ray with Blade Runner’s “ultimate cut”. I think it’s time for a rewatch, because last time I saw it was good 15 years ago… What did you think about the sequel?

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    1. I need to watch it t again too it’s been so long.
      I think the second was okay, I don’t think it was what fans wanted even though the concept was good. Theta was something about it though…

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      1. I’ll get around to seeing it. Since I’m more likely to spend time writing, reading, or playing video games, movies often have to wait for their turn.

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