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This post from the Irresponsible Blogger caught my eye and my mind. There’s some really good thoughts on this about, us as humans, our place in the universe and just how big the universe really is.

Read this and get your mind blown!

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While I’m working on some writing at the moment, I just read an interesting little somethin’….I wanted, NEEEEDED, to share it with you all because well, WOW!

Here ya go!

-If you were to gather every single pebble of sand from every single beach in the world and count them- the number of galaxies in the universe would still outnumber the sand pebbles.

Our tiny Milky Way Galaxy is just one single pebble of sand.-


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Well now my mind is spinning and going and I’m thinking all crazy, wonderin’ if parallel world’s exist, and if things like deja Vu, weird moments of clarity, etc., are actually more like a connection to another life form in a far away place. Us tapping into a frequency of living that is unseen TO US but nonetheless existing.👽

I love this possibility. I love the wonder. But gosh I hate missing out. I…

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