Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 13-2019

Hi ya Bloggies! The weekly orbit does it’s round again, picking up supplies and new recruits on the way towards another week with,,, something. Who knows.
As this year starts getting into great the lighter days are showing and the Daffs ar out too! This means many things but right now I can’t think of them. What I do know is that this means blogging and writing will get harder still as my time is taken up cutting grass and the like.

During the last Orbit

Since the last orbit passed there have been a couple of new posts. Firstly was my Versatile Blogger award which came from Laura Beth who is a great follower of Planet Simon so make sure you stop by her blog.

I ten decided as work is taking over and I’m being lame at posting that I would put up my next post in my podcast series about Stephen Fry’s Great Leap Years. This is a podcast that kept me hooked for weeks, so have a look at the post and the podcast.

Post from Planet Simon Past

This weeks post from Planet Simon past asks the question of are we alone in the universe and makes the point that when considering the vastness of time as well as space we need to ask – are we alone now and will we always be?

Are we alone in the Universe? – A time / Space Question

Out of this World Bloggers:

As a way of giving back to the blogging world and the great bloggies that you are I thought I would start featuring some of the great bloggies I know or have come across.

So this week’s lucky bloggies are:

S.C. Jensen – A fellow Sci-Fi writer that I’ve been working with on concepts and each other writing. Go and make sure you look her up and the post this links to. Contains my new favourite word – fucketh!

My Dang Blog – I don’t keep up with this blog enough… but that’s my bad, Make sure you don’t make the same mistake as there’s post upon post og humourous life observations!

Easy Diet – This blogger is a recent find and has a great new blog… sharp and to the point, I like their style!

What are you bloggies doing over this week – anything fun and exciting going on?

Keep smiling and writing!

22 Replies to “Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 13-2019”

      1. Some have. Some are hanging on and some are starting. We like to tell people we crafted out garden to look wild….Ha!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the share! Fucketh is a great word. I stole it from an old online comic that I can’t even remember the name of. It had something to do with hamsters and an island? Maybe a guy who wrote about hamsters that lived on an island? I have tried in vain to find it again. Oh well. Fucketh lives on!

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