Hi ya Bloggies! Once again the weekly blog orbit is round again – once again things have been quite here… but you know it kinda is what it is. If anyone has any ideas on how to get stuff done in the middle ofa business I would like to hear it 🙂

I’m putting back up: ‘Being Diverse in our Writing to Add Greater Depth to our Stories’. which was my guest post on Ari Meghlan’s blog.

Diversity in writing is (I think) key in making stories more realistic and making them attractive to a wider audience – that’s what I discuss in this post.

So becasue I’m pretty lame and not posted much this week I’ve decided to start doing something – I’m going to put up a past post or two or maybe three from Planet Simon and give it some fresh attention.

I’m kicking off with a post about Sci-fi moments and when machines die. It’s interesting but only in Sci-Fi do you get moments of sadness becasue a machine has terminated… I go through some of those moment here, but there could be a second post on this as was pointed out there were a few others I missed.

HAL – Featured in 2001 and in my post on SciFi Moments.

As I was routing through my posts there was this one… from my mate Roger of Heroically Bad Writers.

It’s a quote that I remember blew me away at the time and it did it again. Make sure you look:

The Shape of Things to Come

I hope you bloggies have a great week, let me know what you’re up to and working on!

Keep smiling and writing!

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7 thoughts on “Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 12-2019

  1. Thank you for nominating me, it will take time, but i will post as soon as i can🤗enjoying the pictures, what i’m up for? BLOGGING😁

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  2. Thanks Simon for ‘spreading The Word’.
    Sorry I’ve not been around, a really intense re-write going on here in Wrexham, after all these years finally taking my writing ‘that’ seriously. Keep meaning to come back on a regular basis, but then ‘The Books’ draw me back in.

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