Back at the end of last year, it looked like Radio 2 was going to go to the dogs and indeed it was. I had to find something new to listen to, something engaging, interesting and entertaining… Hence I found podcasts. I’ve tried some that are as dry and old toast but these are the posts about the ones that have caught my mind…

The first Podcast that I really got into is called Girl in Space – a Sci-Fi chronicle about a lonely young girl who is surviving day to day on a spacecraft with just her semi functioning robotic arm companion Charlotte as company. Her role in life is to maintain the Cavatica, keep the scientific experiments running and watch over the local star called Ra, which somehow seems to exist in symbiosis with the Cavatica and those on board.

The Girl (henceforth known as X) is totally isolated from human life… that is until she fixes a round thing and presses it. This leads to a chain of events that threaten her life, the Cavatica and everything on board. Sarah Werner plays the lead role and I feel has a really well written out story, some simple yet effective effects and somehow when I’m driving home listening to this I can feel the isolation, the loneliness and I was totally hooked on this and got through all the episodes in a week.

I really recommend this to anyone interested in this genre or wants to try it out. I was while writing this looking up the website and shock horror it looks like this podcast is being cut short, but it’s still about and well worth a listen.

What about your podcasts? What do you guys listen to? There will be more podcast posts over the weeks… let me know if you want me to try any.

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