Being diverse in our writing to add greater depth to our stories

Have as look at my guest post on Ari’s blog regarding my thoughts on adding diversity into our writing. Let me know your thoughts.

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It’s guest post time and today I welcome back fellow writer and blogger, Simon Farnell who discusses diversity in writing.

Being diverse in our writing to add greater depth to our stories. Image of little wooden pen people from Pixabay bay

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7 thoughts on “Being diverse in our writing to add greater depth to our stories

  1. Great post Simon! It’s always wonderful when writers reflect on how they can expand. Because of the lack of positive representation in books when I was growing up, diversity and inclusion will always be important in my fiction.

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    1. This is it Marquessa, by expanding our characters honestly and respectfully we can hope to teach out to a more diverse group of readers and that’s good for everyone 😀
      Hope you’re well


  2. What a great post–and you even got Star Trek in there! Personally, I try to add diversity to my writing but I find that it’s hard to write from the perspective of someone of a different race or culture because I don’t know a lot about their lived experiences and I don’t want to be insensitive to that. It’s a fine line:-)

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