The Human Delusion of Control in an Immense Cosmos

We see it all the time, slogans that tell us we can get control of our lives, get control of our money, control of our love life… I could go on. Control is sold as a tangible thing, becasue when we believe we have control we feel comfortable. But what do we have control of?

I want to consider for a moment what we as humans really have control of.

Here we are on a ball of rock, spinning and orbiting and charging through the cosmos, something we can never have control of. Yet it’s an everyday fact that our existence is at the mercy of the universe.

We breathe air that we need to live, we have no control of it and don’t want to even try and control how we pollute it.

We don’t choose family or who we love.

We can’t control the amount of money that appears in our bank accounts.

We can’t control how we behave in reality, especially when we’ve had a sherbert or two.

We can’t control how others feel or think about us, or get them to obey us.

Governments can’t control how people think or vote.

We are delusional to think we have control of anything when we consider our place and significance in the cosmos.

– Me

Just as much as the rest of life on this Earth we are passengers through life, time and space. Any thoughts that we have control are merely a delusion of the human mind.

This isn’t something to fear… take comfort.

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