Hi there bloggies, back in December I had a Birthday Blog share on my Birthday (funnily enough). Over a month on and I’m finally getting around to doing what I promised and share all the great post shares so that all of you can look up these good bloggies and their work. So I hope you have a look though these and find something or someone you like:

First off is Karen from Run Wright who I’ve known for some years, always supportive and a keen writer she’s had a very busy year:

It’s been wonderful getting to know you though the blog and maintaining our online relationship even when I stepped away from my site for a bit. It’s great to see you celebrating on here which means you’re still committed to the platform and it motivates me to want to do more for my blog too. Thanks for that!
Two of my favorite posts this year have definitely been my goal posts in the beginning of the year https://wp.me/p4cJzL-3Fy and my “I’m Married” announcement https://wp.me/p4cJzL-3UF that negated everything I’d planned earlier but showed how getting married forced me to put my life into perspective. And talking about birthdays tend to make me pensive so I wish you a period of reflection and that you come away from it with renewed energy and vigor to take on the challenges of the year ahead and use them to soar to greater heights than you’ve previously achieved.

Next up is the Huntress, a newish blogger to me but a great blogger, straight talking with a good heart:

Your a December baby, yay! lol. I’m sharing this post from Bryce Warden on a wonderful post I read on her blog! Check it out.

Deep as thoughts seems to have gone mad…

May The Madness Be With You!

Anuska from Vogue and Vibess come by to kindly put a link into here fashion blog… take a look!
Hello everyone! My name is Anushka and my blog is all about Fashion, Beauty, Makeup and Lifestyle. You can check it out at
I am very active with my updates as well as in interaction with my fellow blogger pals. Looking forward to meet a lot of amazing bloggers! Thankyou! 


Matthew loves a Blog party and has left a link to and interview with DG Kaye:

I love a good blog party. Here is a link to my interview with DG Kaye: https://robertmgoldstein.com/2018/12/05/decembers-featured-blogger-d-g-kaye/

That’s about it from the blog share, do go and have a look around the links… thanks for joining in everyone and thank you to all those who came by and gave their best wishes. I’ve not put all the comments up but they’re all appreciated!

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