Fields of Paper Flowers

This is my entry for January’s Blog Battle – the theme or word for this month is Heart.

“Here it is!” Brian revealed all glowing with pride. “The artificial flower!”

I looked on it with a mix of distain and yet a little awe at the intricate and beautiful creation. “So what?” 

“What do you mean so what?” Brian flapped enthusiastically.

“We have flowers, we plant seeds or bury bulbs and the plants grow. They look pretty and they attract bees which pollinate everything else and helps everything grow! It’s wonderfully simple and there’s no need to change it!”

“This flow” Brian continued “Is a little piece of miniature genius. Not only does it look pretty but it extracts more carbon from the air than a typical flower, it never loses its petals, it generates electricity from sunlight and it won’t ever die!”

“That’s pretty impressive I have to say, but it won’t attract bees to cross pollinate and it’s going to cost a lot more than a seed I’m guessing!”

“You’re such a nay sayer Steve. I’ve got big plans for my flower, I want to make so many and plant them wherever I can and show the world how my flowers can help the world!”

With that Brian left, what started as an intellectual discussion has turned into a catapult for Brian. To prove me wrong.

That was five years ago. After that Brian had packed up and for a couple of years I heard no more about him or his flowers. It wasn’t until I was walking in the park one February morning that I noticed something, familiar somehow and yet pretty and intricate. After a few minutes of staring at it I realised that this was one of Brian’s flowers. Bu there wasn’t just one, clumps of ten or twenty all over the place in different spots. 

Somehow Brian was planting his flowers. 

Over the weeks and months that followed I noticed them in more and more places, people could by them and suddenly this obscure object, so easily grown was now being labelled as the flower to save the world, solving so many of our problems.

Brian however was nowhere to be found, he obviously wanted to vanish. But fate it’s card…

It started with the first reports of disquiet, bees disappearing. Concerns about pollinisation, scientist claiming that this artificial intruder to our flower beds was not as it was claimed, far from being the answer to our problems, it created many more.

Finally answered by the company that made them, Obsidian inc. A huge multinational company had bought Brians idea and was turning it onto money, cheap and quick cash being made on the premise that it’s buyer’s would be saving the world.

Then I got it, THAT email. Brian finally had broken silence and wanted to meet me. At his offices in the city ‘for lunch’ as he called it. When I turned up, lunch was the last thing on the minds of those wanting to meet me.

“Come in and sit down.” A older man at the head of the long table gestured to me. Brian sat to my left, the table was full of men in suits, younger at my end, older at the end. The phrase, pale, stale and male came to mind.

The older man at the end spoke again, the company logo and motto behind him, prominent and bleak. “We invited you her today Mr Wright, to discuss the prominent slurring of our current product strategy and to come to some kind of understanding.”
“I’m not sure I follow you you.” I answered blankly. “Any assessment I give of a new initiative is based on empirical results and…”

“Yes we know but we feel you’re missing the point here.” The old man continued. “There’s an opportunity here and we think you should be a part of it!”
The man managed a smile, not much of one, I could see where this was going now.
“You’re trying to buy me? For what?”

“For the good of Obsidian inc of course.”

“But I thought that Obsidian ‘Created products that helped the world’ not pollute it even more and destroy the eco-system. I shot back , I was getting angry now.

“Where did you get that idea from?” The man smirked.

“It’s on the wall behind you.” I looked as the man turned, as he did every other head turned too. I looked at Brian, he was still as if struck with fear.

“Regardless of that, we want to increase our product offering to simulate larger plants, and trees. We think this is a good thing, I promise it will be very rewarding for you.” The man was turning on the charm offensive now. I stood up.
“We cannot eat, breathe or drink money. You are all stupid if you think that. I will have no part of this.”

I turned and walked out of the door.

That was five years ago. It’s now that I stand here in the park where it first started. The piles of artificial flowers and plants are lined up at the side of the path. The bees are all but extinct, nothing grows and starvation is now common. The air is thick with pollution and still the great Obsidian sits on it’s piles of money.

Mankind used to think that aliens or asteroids would wipe out life on Earth. It’s safe to say that the collective madness that occurs around accumulating money is far more dangerous.

Let’s hope it is not yet too late.

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Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 05-2019

Hello there bloggies! Remember was I said I hoped last week would be different and maybe I could get some posts done… Guess I was wrong! Dammit… I’ll say it again and maybe it won’t tempt fate – I hope this week is different!

What I did manage to do was publish the links from my blog party. blog party … baby steps.

I have a few things in mind for this week – I still have January’s blog battle story to get out (I hope) this could be a good one. Watch out for it…

Another little thread of possibility came to me over the weekend, little sciency snippets that could form the basis of useless knowledge – I’ve been thinking about this for some time and how to make this interesting… I might even make it a little silly… I’m not sure yet.

I’m also working on some quotes and other things… so there’s good stuff to come just stay with me.

A couple of weeks ago I posted my second piece on the Gutenberg editor – How are you guys finding it? Are you getting to grips with it or do you need help? Let me know.

I hope you guys all have a great week, I’m doing my best to keep up with you but I’ve slipped these last couple of weeks.Hopefully soon I can keep up again.

Keep writing and smiling!

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Birthday Blog Party Post Share

Hi there bloggies, back in December I had a Birthday Blog share on my Birthday (funnily enough). Over a month on and I’m finally getting around to doing what I promised and share all the great post shares so that all of you can look up these good bloggies and their work. So I hope you have a look though these and find something or someone you like:

First off is Karen from Run Wright who I’ve known for some years, always supportive and a keen writer she’s had a very busy year:

It’s been wonderful getting to know you though the blog and maintaining our online relationship even when I stepped away from my site for a bit. It’s great to see you celebrating on here which means you’re still committed to the platform and it motivates me to want to do more for my blog too. Thanks for that!
Two of my favorite posts this year have definitely been my goal posts in the beginning of the year and my “I’m Married” announcement that negated everything I’d planned earlier but showed how getting married forced me to put my life into perspective. And talking about birthdays tend to make me pensive so I wish you a period of reflection and that you come away from it with renewed energy and vigor to take on the challenges of the year ahead and use them to soar to greater heights than you’ve previously achieved.

Next up is the Huntress, a newish blogger to me but a great blogger, straight talking with a good heart:

Your a December baby, yay! lol. I’m sharing this post from Bryce Warden on a wonderful post I read on her blog! Check it out.

Deep as thoughts seems to have gone mad…

May The Madness Be With You!

Anuska from Vogue and Vibess come by to kindly put a link into here fashion blog… take a look!
Hello everyone! My name is Anushka and my blog is all about Fashion, Beauty, Makeup and Lifestyle. You can check it out at
I am very active with my updates as well as in interaction with my fellow blogger pals. Looking forward to meet a lot of amazing bloggers! Thankyou! 


Matthew loves a Blog party and has left a link to and interview with DG Kaye:

I love a good blog party. Here is a link to my interview with DG Kaye:

That’s about it from the blog share, do go and have a look around the links… thanks for joining in everyone and thank you to all those who came by and gave their best wishes. I’ve not put all the comments up but they’re all appreciated!

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Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 04-2019

Hello there bloggies! I hope your first full week went well, from my point of view last week was mental and you may have noticed that I didn’t get much… well anything out last week.

Let’s just say I hope this week is different.

Coming later today are the links put in by other bloggies from my Birthday blog party. After that… who knows?

I do have January’s blog battle story coming out this week (I hope) the idea and concept came to me in a blinding flash… so I hope it’s a good one. Watch out for it…

Something I’ve been thinking I need are a few good sciency, philosophical quotes that I can use around my blog, social media in general and take out further. One of the thing sI find pretty incredible is that we’re flying through space at half a million miles an hour on a rock spinning at 1,000 miles and hour. These concepts of reality kind of put things in a bit of perspective and I think there’s much do think of on this, but I need to compress it.
Any thoughts welcome, but what I’m hoping is that some kind of inspiration will hit me at some point… when it does you’ll see it spill through here!

I hope you guys all have a great week, I’ll do my best to keep up…

Keep writing and smiling!

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Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 03-2019

Hello there bloggies! I hope your first full week went well, here we are at the 14th and we’re nearly half way through the month. If the year keeps going like this it’ll soon be Christmas again! 😉

I have to admit, I didn’t get as much done last week as I was hoping, I still have yet to write something a bit scifi and I still have yet to post the comments from my blog party.

What I did manage to get done last week was this:
I opened the letter to myself from last year and went on to post my letter to myself to open next year 2020. I always love this and it’s like opening a time capsule… hey! That’s a good idea. Getting back to the letter, have a look and if you think it’s a good idea – take part! Go on!

Then there was my next post in the Geeky Guide Series about the new Gutenberg editor. I’m getting the hang of this now and with the duplicate post function I have no reason not to use it anymore. It’s not as bad as you think once you get the hang of it, it’s got some great features so go and have a look and try it!

As you can imagine I’ve been waiting to see what New Horizons has found during it’s flyby of Ultima Thule, It’s exciting stuff and this is my catch up post to that.

Lastly I was tagged to take part in the Liebster Award. Go and see…

As for the rest of this week – let’s see what happens. I would really like to start kicking out some fiction and creative stuff… so watch this space! You never know what might land!

Keep writing and smiling!

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The Liebster Award

I haven’t been on WordPress much over Christmas but I did notice Laura Venturini nominating me for the Liebster Award. Thank you for this Laura, it’s much appreciated, I don’t know why but I do like being tagged in something 🙂

My questions:

So these are the questions that Laura set me:

  1. What inspires your blog?
  2. Have you been writing since you were a child? If not when did you start writing?
  3. What is your favorite blog and why?
  4. What are you most passionate about?
  5. Do you draw inspiration from everyday ordinary occurrences?

My Answers:

  1. I love the creative spirit and the spirit of exploration, science and discovery. But I also appreciate thought, consciousness and spirit. With that I’m also pretty geeky.
  2. I remember writing silly little stories as a child but for many years I stopped and only really have started writing creatively a few years ago.
  3. I don’t know… There are so many great blogs out there that I read and love that it’s hard to say. They all form part of my blog diet. I won’t pick my own becasue that’s not fair… Nope. I can’t pick one or even some – it wouldn’t be fair!
  4. Good question. Right now I’m trying to find that out… I love the thought provoking nature of Science Fiction stories and the concepts that can inspire scientists and engineers to try and create the impossible but there there’s the possibilities with imagination and consciousness. Or it could be geeking out to help people with WordPress.
  5. I can do, it depends what happens. Sometimes things can happen and I’m meh, other times the wind blowing can generate thoughts that take my imagination to places I have never been before.

My nominations are:

Hot Shot Headlines
My Dang Blog
A Crack in the Pavement
Erroneous Choices
The Huntress

I’ll keep the same questions for them, no pressure but I hope you all take part! 🙂

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New Ultima Thule Discoveries from NASA’s New Horizons

Data from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, which passed the Kuiper Belt object Ultima Thule on January the 1st, is yielding scientific discoveries daily. Among the findings made by the mission science team in the past day are:

  • Initial data analysis has found no evidence of rings or satellites larger than one mile in diameter orbiting Ultima Thule.
  • Data analysis has also not yet found any evidence of an atmosphere.
  • The color of Ultima Thule matches the color of similar worlds in the Kuiper Belt, as determined by telescopic measurements.
  • The two lobes of Ultima Thule — the first Kuiper Belt contact binary visited — are nearly identical in color. This matches what we know about binary systems which haven’t come into contact with each other, but rather orbit around a shared point of gravity.

Read more here:

No ownership claimed on images – Cedit to APL and NASA

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The Geeky Guide to WordPress – The Gutenberg Editor, Pictures and More

As I’ve been doing this blogging thing a little while now and it seemed a good idea to pass on a few of the things that I’ve learned over the five years that I’ve been doing this. In easy and often geeky steps you’ll be taken through the steps and point out the pitfalls of taking your blog seed and growing it into something really amazing.

The Gutenberg editor has really landed now and is causing much of a stir. All the old ways of doing things have been messed about with and many are confused. I’m here to say to you all – don’t panic (see what I did there? Douglas Adams would have liked that). You don’t even need a towel to cry into, since my last post on the Gutenberg editor it seems WordPress have been making some changes and trust me on this, it’s making our lives easier.

I’m covering a few things in this post which I’ve heard people complain about and some things I’ve notices that are quite sweet.

1. Adding pictures to a post or page

It used to be that a picture was added inline to a post, but this is not the case anymore. Think blocks, everything from a paragraph to a title, picture is now a separate block so when you want to add a picture hover your mouse over the middle of the paragraph or other block and a + is shown.
Click that and scroll to Common Blocks, find image and then you have a familiar image upload / insert command page to use.

Images can be inserted into a block as a background with text over top like this:

Science Fiction

Again insert the block, go to common blocks and add cover. Add the image and then write in the text you want. Easy.
These text seems to be set at that size, but it’s a great creative little thing we couldn’t do before.

2. Adding the read more tag

This seems to have confused a few people, but it’s dead easy, easier than it was before…

Add a block (getting the hang of this aren’t we?) scroll to layout and add ‘More’
Done. Clean and no messing about with code.

As a little side note, as you use the blocks they appear at the top of the Add Blocks box as most used so you don’t have to hunt for them. Nice.

3. Ordering Blocks

Remember in the old editor you had a block of text before a picture and then you thought ‘crap, I want it after now!’
Gutenberg has this covered, no copy and paste move the mouse to the left side of the block and some up / down arrows appear – you can change the order. All that needs to be done is that you start thinking in blocks.

4. Copy Post

I missed this and it was annoying me, it’s not quote the same but if you want to copy a post to use as a template go to blog posts under the ‘My Blog’ settings section, find the post you want, click on the three dots and there’s a duplicate post function that works quite nicely. So now even I’m happy.

I hope this is useful, this has taken some time to get used to but seriously, setting aside some time to familiarise yourself with Gutenberg is worth it, this is a really powerful way of giving us far more creativity at our fingertips. It’s cool stuff!

Let me know how you’re finding Gutenberg and what issues you’re having!

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Letter to Myself – Open Next Year (2020)

For those of you I haven’t yet caught – Happy new year to you!

Back in 2016 my friend Erin of Bubbles and Beebots tagged me on a great little idea to write a letter to myself to open in a year’s time. I’ve been keeping this up since then as I have found this to be an interesting and relevant way to remember where I was a year ago and maybe help guide me on the year ahead.

For anyone who reads this I would definitely recommend giving this a go at least once as see what you think of it. Do it in the way that you think is best, there’s no rules and for me at least this is far more worthwhile that any new year resolutions. This isn’t just about looking back, it’s about looking forward too. I’ve tagged some bloggies on the end of this but really if you fancy it, do it and link it to this post so I can see who and what’s going on.

Last year’s letter is here:
Letter to Myself – Open Next Year (2019)

My 2019 letter to my 2020 self:

Hi there Simon of 2020, how’s it going? If you’re reading this in the January of 2020 all has gone to plan. The universe has spared you for another year and you’re wondering before you dive into this what it was that you wrote to yourself.

Well here it is, as you stared 2019 you were wondering what it was all about and what way so many things were going to go. You don’t have a car because the damn thing would have cost a fortune to pass the MOT and you’re hoping at the end of the month you can get something. Fingers are crossed.

So much has changed since last year and yet so muchh has not. There are things going on, battles looming and after reading the 2018 letter yourself about letting things be seems oddly relevant but that wasn’t what you mean when you wrote that. So now you have the challenge to either let things be or to challenge the everyday and the societal robots around you.

But know this, when you read this in 2020 whatever happened, happened. As Spock said we need to have faith that the universe will unfold as it should.
This is a mantra that you need to think about and take heed of far more. Many of these things are a distraction from ou and your goals and you need to focus on those more.

Peaking of which I think this year you need to do more, write more, get out more, draw more, play more and generally make yourself live a bit. You need to do this otherwise that mush behind your eyes will start to degrade. Face it, you’re bored with the same old, same old so do something that’s not same old.

Look after yourself a bit too, make sure you’re not constantly working on something but don’t think that chill time is time in front of a screen, you spend around 8 hours a day in front of a screen for work so don’t think that down time is screen time.

Experiment a little, you’ve got some good ideas and these need to be turned into something that does something for you. It either needs to make you money, make you happy or makes your life easier. If it’s not one of those, don’t bother doing it.

Be more positive.

I hope that by the time I read this I’m still blogging, writing and drawing like I never have before. That’s it I think! Make this the year you bring yourself out more than before and stand out. Make this the year you can actually say you’ve enjoyed this year and will be happy when you reach the end of it. You can do it!

Now damn well get on with it and stop messing about writing this letter!

Simon (2019)

Anyone who likes the idea of this should do it, but I’m going to pick on a few people who I think would like this or find it interesting.

Holistic Life by Kate
Out and About
The Little Mermaid
Erika Kind

There’s no pressure to do this, but I hope it’s something you’ll find helpful and inspiring.

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Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 02-2019

Hello there bloggies! Here we are at for what is many the first full working week of the year. This is the start of what you might call the long grind of 2019 or maybe something more positive like the long and winding road.

Whatever happens this year I have decided on a few tweaks to Planet Simon. Firstly I want to go back to being a bit more personal on here, but not as random as it used to be – for that make sure you follow Simon’s Blog.

The next is that I talked last year about maybe creating Planet Simon themed things that would interest you guys, well that has to be made and I need to create gems of wisdom to put onto this – so look out for that.

Finally I want to work more on exposure. Bringing Planet Simon to the masses. So I need to think about how I’m going to do this… I’m not sure yet. But there’s going to be more of the same, thoughts, sci-fi, art, stories and more… it should be fun!

At some point this week I’ll be posting the comments and links from Simon’s Blog Party

Plus this week I’ll be opening the latter to myself from 2018. With this is perhaps my opening salvo on the Sci-Fi world and if I get time maybe even a story slipped in for good measure – who knows?

I have also noticed that the Gutenberg editor is giving some grief, so it’s likely that over the next few weeks I’ll be giving a few pointers on that. Anything that’s troubling you most, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to make a post on it.

Keep writing and smiling!

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Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 01-2019

Hello there bloggies! Happy new year to all of you. I’ve not been on much over Christmas, I have been keeping an eye on things and keeping up with some of you over the break just to keep my hand in. I hope you’re well and all present and correct.

Let me know what you’ve been up to and how you are… I would love to hear from you!

One of the last posts I put up end of last year was my birthday blog party, where all of you good people were invited to come along, share links and get to you each other. If you missed it the link is here:

Simon’s Blog Party

What I’m going to do is put up some of the great comments and links in that post and share links to the bloggies. I’ll probably do that next week, so you can still join in!

In other stuff, I’ve noticed over a fair bit of social media the general dislike of the new Gutenberg editor. What is i you guys struggle with, I would like to run some more posts on it to help you all out (and me).

Keep writing and smiling!

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