Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 50-2018

Hi there bloggies, or maybe it’s now ho there! 😝

I cannot believe we’re now so close to Christmas. I’m not going to give you all the annoying countdown, that would be mean. But how are you all taking it? Do you like Christmas or can you take it or leave it? Too commercialised now?

Anyways, back to Planet Simon and there were a few posts last week! Is it me or is that a cheer?

So first of all there was the post about the new Gutenberg editor. It seems to have given more than a few people a headache. So I wrote a post that should help bloggies out a little. I imagine there will be a few more posts on this.

The Geeky Guide to the Gutenberg Editor

Simon’s Sketching – The Aston Martin

Then I went a bit artistic and gave your my latest drawing. This one was a pretty cool picture of an Aston Martin.

What about you guys? What have you been up to? Keeping out of trouble?

Planet Simon

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