Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 52-2018

Hi there to all of you great bloggies. I don’t know who of you will read this but this a really quick blog orbit just to say Happy Christmas to you all and have a great new year. I’m going on a general blogging break over Christmas unless I’m somehow inspired.

When I’m back there will be lots to talk about I hope. Stay safe and have fun so we meet here again in January.

If for some reason you want to find me, I’ll be about. What are you all up to over Christmas and new year?

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The Extinction Protocol – Part 2

SOL677 Olympus Colony:

“Colony Log Commander James O’Neill: It’s been 7 sols since the news was delivered, in only twelve days Earth and everyone on it will cease to exist. Well the Earth might still be there, but no people, no oceans, no… nothing that made it home for us humans. For me.”

O’Neill paused for a moment to think.

“Everyone here has been handling this well, I’ve given them a ton of stuff to think about no one has had chance to think about it much. Including me. But I know there will be a time when it will hit us all and in all kinds of crazy ways. Melissa was right, just because we’re here does not mean we’re safe from human greed and the need to survive. I need to prepare and be ready, for what I have no idea yet.”

Again he paused, thinking of his family, doomed back on Earth and unable to talk to be with them or even talk to them. In a few days everyone was going to be granted a final communique with Earth. O’Neill appreciated the sentiment, but what the hell was he going to say?

“Right now I need to to help the human race to live, survive here and right now. I don’t know how that’s going to happen or for how long. If things go well we have at least three years apparently. But if that’s what we have to look forward to then is it really worth it?”

O’Neill signed off.

“If we can’t get these resources from Earth then we might as well walk into the Martian desert and take off our helmets tomorrow becasue we’re just delaying the inevitable!” Stitch was always a fighty character but lately he had been much more so. “We need either solar panels or raw materials to attempt to make our own! You need to tell them James!”

“I’ve told them! I’ve told them at least twice a day since you told me this and I can’t get an answer out of them!” O’Neill shouted back. He was starting to lose his patience with the engineer. It seemed he was expected to suddenly be able to make things happen from 50 million miles.

This was supposed to be a calm rational plan to go over the plan as it stood right now.

“If you boys have finished!” Melissa cut in sternly, “I do have good some news. The earthworms we brought with us in stasis seem to have mostly survived. We brought with us a small sample of Earth soil to see how Earthworms would respond to living on Mars.”

“That’s right I remember this, what do we think the prospects are of expanding this to providing us with supply of sustainable soil that we could use to grow food with?”

“This is a tough question, we need to be very careful and make sure we keep these worms alive and even if we can get them to reproduce and make soil it’s going to be years before we’re at the kind of levels we need to sustain crops. We also need to make sure we keep quantities back as a safety measure in case of accidents. If we put it all in the new dome then we lose everything!”

Stitch grumbled “No good if you don’t have power for heating!”

“Save it will you?” Melissa shot back at Stitch. ” We are going to need you to get dome built and the sooner the better!”

“Yeah it won’t take five minutes you know!” Stitch grumbled back.

“No, but we still need it!” O’Neill cut in, hoping to stop another argument. He thought that now was not the best time to see if additional domes could be built. This one was planned anyway, any others would not be. O’Neill looked at the two men across the room, one small without much hair and round glasses, the other a grey and bearded man in his fifties. O’Neill wondered how these two got here, neither physically ideal to make the trip to Mars, but they both had good heads.

“What about you two? Have you found anything useful?”

The smaller man coughed softly and straightened his glasses. “Yes we have. As you know we have been examining core samples of the soil from all over Mars. This had originally been to look for signs of microscopic life but we have started going over the samples again from a materials extraction point of view and have found some interesting things.” He looked over to his grey haired colleague.

“As you know, there’s a lot of materials we already knew about in the Martian crust, like Iron, magnesium and Silicon we have been looking for elements that could be useful like copper but we haven’t found any evidence of it yet. We think there may be some areas in the mountains to the east of Olympus Mons which contains trace elements we can’t yet identify, but we don’t know what it is or how much of this there is.”

Stitch started up again “It’s fine having the raw materials but solar panels don’t just grow out of the ground, we are going to need a lot of power to process these materials even if we find them! I think we haven’t yet got any semiconductor fabs on Mars!” Stitch started looking through papers, flicking over and over “Nope, not one here yet! This is a waste of time!” Stitch got up and walked out of the room.

for a moment the four remaining sat in silence, O’Neill broke it. “We are going to have to find ways to create power. Whether that’s solar or by some other means.” He stated calmly.

The man with glasses spoke up again nervously. “Yes we have been coming to the conclusion that solar energy may not be viable in the long term here on Mars, we do have some other suggestions.”

“Like?” O’Neill was interested.

“The may be some scope for geothermal energy, or using solar in a similar way on Earth the generate energy from heating water.”

O’Neill groaned “Water is not common here on Mars”

“I Know.” The man answered “But it will be easier to create water than silicon panels.”

O’Neil nodded agreement reluctantly and dismissed the meeting. Miranda remained as O’Neill buried his head in his hands. Realising he was there, without looking at her.

“We’re fucked aren’t we? I’m starting to think Stitch may be right.”

“Really? Miranda shot back at him. “I can’t believe you think that!”

“No. But God this is going to be tough!”

“Yes.” Miranda agreed. “But not impossible!” Miranda left O’Neill to his thoughts. But not for long, a buzz came through the speakers.

“Commander O’Neill?” The voice asked.

“Yes, what is it?”

“You’ll want to see this.”

“Is it bad?”

“You just need to some and see. It’s simpler.”

“On my way.”

In the control hub O’Neill walked to the ops area. “What is it Lewis?” O’Neill aske a young man in his twenties, he had a military look about him. Even though he was primarily an analyst he could easily pass as a Marine.

“I’ve been getting the inventory data through on the Martian conveyors coming in and there’s something I don’t understand.”

“In what way?” O’Neill asked.

“I was hoping you might know, you said we were expecting some new human resource but I thought the rest was supplies?”

“That’s what I was told.”

“Well what’s this?” Lewis pulled up a computer graphic of the ship on the main screen, he pointed at the section between the small habitation module and drive section. The Martian conveyors were predominantly unmanned, their path taking them back and forth between Earth and Mars to ferry supplies. Modules would be sent up, dock with it and then sent to Mars where they would land. It was the most cost effective way of supplying the Martian colonies.

“They look like habitation modules don’t they?” O’Neill said out loud.

“That’s what I thought.” Lewis agreed. “They have literally plastered the conveyor with supply modules as well, I’ve never seen a conveyor so loaded before. But with ten modules housing twenty people that’s a maximum of two hundred people potentially coming here.”

“We can’t support that. Not a chance. What the hell is going on? Have you been able to raise control yet?

“No. They won’t answer any messages.”

“Me neither.” O’Neill was thoughtful, he knew that Earth had a lot on but there were loved ones here and there that wanted to say their last words. But then maybe society had destroyed itself already. Sighing for a moment he despaired, the reality of what was going on was starting to sink in to him and everyone.

“Is there anyone supervising the conveyor?”

“Not sure.”

“Try and find out and find out what’s going on and what exactly we’re getting.”

“Ok. This conveyor has only just started towards us and is some months away. But conveyor two is only a few weeks away and I’m not able to get inventory from it.”

“What the hell is going on?” O’Neill was wondering how long this had been known about, how long had they been kept in the dark. “Find out what you can Lewis, we need some answers.”

“Commander” A young female voice came from behind him. A young brunette that looked younger than her years addressed him.

“Yes Jess what’s up” O’Neill sighed.

“Sorry but I’ve just had a garbled message from a lone rover that’s stopped some distance form the base, the only thing I can get is that the rover has a serious malfunction. I assume they need assistance but apart from that I can’t gt anything from them.”

“How far out are they?”

“They’re 124 k’s away.”

“That’s about a day there and a day back, if we’re lucky.” O’Neill thought through his options for a moment. It seemed to him that events were rapidly getting out of his control. He had to reign things in or at least appear to to attempt to maintain any kind of morale.

“Get the EBA team to prep a rover for a long distance rescue mission!”

“Already done that!”

“Great! Well done Jess.”

“Who shall I assemble to go?”

“I’ll need you as you’re the most qualified field medic, I also need Melissa” O’Neill instructed.

“Will she command?”

“No, I will. Ben will command while we’re gone.” O’Neill had a chill in his bones, leaving the base and putting anyone in charge could be a risk. But it could also show the true colours of his people. The only way of knowing if was worth the risk, was to do it. Jess picked up her EVA kit and headed for the rover bays. O’Neill had a few things to pick up before he followed. But he was all too aware that it might be the last time he left the control hub.

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The Eternal Librarian

This is my entry for December’s Blog Battle – the theme or word for this month is Heart.

“I have exciting news for you Emily.” Libby told Emily in her usual flat robotic but clearly feminine tone.

“What is that?” Emily asked excitedly. At sixteen years old Emily was often told she was too old to hang out around a library all the time, especially with an ancient robot librarian.

“I’ve been told I’m going to be retired soon so that improvements can be made to the library.”

Emily’s face fell “So… so, you’re going?”

Libby pulled the the wheel round and the huge shelf moved, closing the gap. “Yes. I will be replaced by a more efficient librarian that will be able to give you a better service. This must please you.”

“No!” Emily said sternly, not sure whether to be angry or cry… or both. “I don’t care if the new librarian is more efficient, I want you to be here!”

“I do not understand. My reason to exist is to the serve this library as efficiently as I can, when a mechanoid is available that will do this job better that must surely be a good thing. I don’t understand humans.”

“How I feel is not logical, I have come here for many years and I know you. I feel you are my friend. You have been here for so long even my grandmother knew you when she was young!”

“This is true Emily, I have known, your mother, grandmother and great…” Libby paused, a computerised buzzing sound came from here and for a moment was still. Then the episode passed and she continued. “grandmother. I have been in operation for 40,264 days, twelve hours and seven minutes. I have had two complete chassis replacements in my operational lifespan.  So the robot you see before you now is not the robot that stood in front of your great grandmother. Every part of me has been replaced.”

“But you are the same robot Libby!” Emily protested. “Every part of you might have changed but your heart and your soul and memories are the same!”

Libby thought about this for a moment, a buzzing noise came from within her, something seemed to not compute. A man in a suit came strolling by, Emily knew him to be the Library officiator. 

“But I do not have a soul!”

“That’s right!” The officiator told Libby. “No soul and no longer any use here. I bet you can’t wait to be retired!”

Libby looked up at the officiator “I do not know. It is not something I have experienced.”

“Oh it’ll be quieter than even in here and those joints won’t be aching any more!” With that the officiator walked off, patting Emily on the head.

“What does he know?” Emily scorned at him behind his back. She looked backup again at Libby “Our bodies are renewed every seven years, that means there is nothing left of the body I was born with or the one I celebrated my seventh birthday. You can I are more alike than you think!”

“This is very trrruue Emily!” The robot stuttered “But I’m not sure how this will help. I am due to be retired and that is that as you humans say” Libby sorted through a section of books, sorting and placing back into order before moving along to the next shelf. “It seems that my job is done and I have served my human masters well I hope.”

Emily looked up sad and not sure what to do or say next. 

“I sense you are experiencing emotional sadness, if it helps I have something for you.” Libby told her secretly. “Come with me.”

Emily followed Libby into a part of the library which was only meant for the librarian, there were spare parts and robot stuff all over the place. Then on the wall there were pictures, Libby had been drawing! Could robots do that? Closing the door behind Emily Libby pointed at a picture drawn simply in pencil and paper of Libby and emily together, drawn in near perfection. 

“You drew that?” 

“Yes.” Libby stated.

“How? This is something from your memory?”

“I am not sure. It feels like memory although I do not recall the time and place of the occasion.”

The picture was of Emily and Libby together in a face shot as if a selfie had been taken of them both. But Emily knew this hadn’t happened.

“You imagined this!”

“I cannot have imagined this, I have no -“

“But you must have! Don’t you see? I told you! We’re more like than you think, you have a soul, you have heart, you have imagination!”

Emily did not know how this had happened, why or maybe even who had done this to Libby. But she did know one thing. Libby had to be saved, the first conscious, maybe even self aware robotic life form could not be left to die. 

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Birthday Blog Party!

Hi there bloggies, it’s my birthday so I’m having a blog party! This can last all year as far as I’m concerned. What would be great for you all to do is to:

  • leave a comment on this post (you can say Happy Birthday if you like but it’s not mandatory, in fact it’s a low down option).
  • Share a link to a great post of 2018.
  • Have a look at others posts.
  • Share one or two of the other posts in the comments.

I would like to say to all my bloggies, new and not quite so new – Thank you. For all the views, likes, comments, laughs, cry’s and the human stuff that makes blogging what it is.
I hope you enjoy this party and make a few new friends!

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Monday Motivations – Mechanoid Christmas

Thi is a little Christmas something I wrote a couple of years ago and I thought I would re-post it to keep it fresh!


Esther is always typically seasonal in her Monday Motivations writing prompts, so this week The theme is Christmas Eve. As I write this I have no idea what to write… So this is going to come as it flows:

Mechanoid Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas… Dave started. Then stopped. It seemed that a mechanoid had a few issues with Christmas.

“Why is it twas the night before Christmas sir?” Dave asked McKinley.

“Because it just is, it’s old talk and sounds good, now just tell us the story!” McKinley told Dave.

“Twas the night before Christmas and the five mechanoids were charging their sub systems with…”


“Why sir?”

“It’s too technical, I’m bored already! They only need to be sleeping!” McKinley instructed Dave,sitting back in his seat with his feet on the console. Seanna walked in behind him, she slid her arms round McKinley and kissed his cheek.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m trying to get Dave to be creative. I have asked him to recite a night before Christmas story with him and his mechanoids in it.”

“Is it working?” Seanna smiled.


“No? How come?”

“He keeps being mechanoidie and making things too technical”

“That’s who he is surely?” Asked Seanna.

“Don’t you start Seanna, let me give this a go! Now from the top Dave!”

“Twas the night before Christmas and the mechanoids were in sleep mode. All noise was below 40 decibels and their foot receptacles hung up by the heat exchanger unit…”

Seanna laughed… “What is this?”

“Still will you?” Protested McKinley “this is the closest I’ve got!”

Seanna tried to stop laughing but couldn’t.

“Can I ask you about Christmas sir?” Dave asked.

“Sure” McKinley replied. Seanna had calmed down a bit at this point.

“Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, a figure from Christian religion.”

“Yesss” McKinley agreed.

“Yet it is not held on his actual date of birth, but instead at a time of year celebrated by other beliefs near to the Winter solstice on Earth.”

“Ok…. What’s your point?”

“I’m confused. Why do humans celebrate Christmas then? It seems to be irrelevant.”

McKinley looked over at Seanna who looked at him and shrugged. “It seems like a good thing to do!” Was McKinley’s answer.

The mechanoid looked at him and made a beep that seemed like some kind of robotic acceptance.

“Now, start again. You be quiet this time Seanna!”

Dave started again “Twas the night before Christmas and the mechanoids were in sleep mode. All noise was below 40 decibels and their foot receptacles hung up by the heat exchanger unit. Unit 3586C stirred when a motive force was detected coming from the heat exchanger. He saw a human with long white busy facial hair and a red suit emerge. His diodes froze with fight…”

Seanna burst out laughing…. McKinley wasn’t going to get his mechanoid Christmas story at this rate!

©Simon Farnell 2016

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Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 51-2018

Hello there bloggies! This is it, for many of us the last week at work before 2018’s big hoho. I’m sure there are many of us out there all ready and sorted for Christmas, all I can say is that’s annoying because I’m not. I’ve been doing my best but I’ve had so much on it’s not funny.

This week was for a change a fairly busy week in terms of posts for Planet Simon. I wanted to make sure I’ve got a few posts out that I’ve been meaning to push out for a while. First up was a bit of space news – Voyager 2 has joined it’s twin Voyager 1 in interstellar space. Although still well within the gravitational influence of the Sun both the Voyager spacecraft are outside of the protective bubble that it creates.

NASA’s Voyager 2 Probe Enters Interstellar Space

Next up was a post on my take of the new Star Trek Series – Discovery. Season 2 is due to start next year and I’ve managed to get through season 1. It seems that there were a few bloggies that gave up on this early on as (like me at first) they thought it didn’t have legs. If you feel like this maybe I can convince you otherwise.

Finally I have been having thoughts on how the futuristic or Sci-Fi command structure should and should not work and how perhaps the Sci-Fi shows that we’ve been enjoying maybe a little backward in their thinking on this. Have a look and see what you think anyway:

Science Fiction Concepts – The Space Age Command Structure

Also make sure you look up my personal blog – Simon’s Blog. I’ve been up to a few things on there that the curious among my bloggies might like.  Also let me know what you’ve been up to, are you winding down old projects for the year or starting something new? Anything new?

I’ll try and keep posting between now and the new year but if I don’t I’ll see you on the other side!

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Science Fiction Concepts – The Space Age Command Structure

One aspect of science fiction that I think really needs looking at in many different stories and universes is the command structure. What do I mean by this? Surely any advanced space faring species would have a command structure that would reflect the society that they come from?

Sure, but why does it have to be the military structure that is duplicated time and again? Let me explain what I mean:

Scenario 1: Battle

The starship Enterprise (or whatever becasue it’s not just confined to that now) had got three Klingon warships attacking it from different angles. To defend itself, the Enterprise is covered in weapons and yet becasue the captain is human pile of walking mush that can only handle a certain amount of things going on at one time only a fraction of the defence capability is being used.

Let’s get real here. One man or woman / being cannot process an influx of data about damage control, position of attacking craft and how / what to shoot first. Even in this day and age computer warfare systems are able to identify multiple (by this I mean many) threats, prioritise them and take them out accordingly.
It’s fair to say that in the future things will have moved on (likely on both sides which kind of means war is a bit pointless but that’s another topic) so the commander will actually say “Computer. See those nasty Cylons or Borg or whatever – can you please kindly take them out for me. Thanks a lot.”

That will be it. Job done. The computers will be assigning the right things to do the right job and the human brain will not explode from stress.

Scenario 2: Landing Party

A small group of the starship Enterprise have landed on a planet and the Captain needs to be informed of anything before a decision is to be made. But as always some alien interference is stopping this so the landing part are lost and confused. It seems that being detached from the command structure is a big problem.

This point here can also be transferred across the other three points. I think it’s safe to say that mission and function leads will be autonomous. They will have to be trusted to do their jobs as one commander cannot possibly be all over the place. So this means a much flatter structure and probably a less authoritarian one. The commander is there to guide and give very high level strategic instructions like:

1) Take out that annoying alien base.
2) Find the glowing swirling thing that we want.
3) Have a chat with these locals – but I really don’t want to annoy them.

That kind of thing. How the team does this is down to the mission lead.

Scenario 3: Ship / Base / Facility Functions

Here we have a ship of facility of some kind with maybe hundreds or thousands of people on board and the commander has to authorise every little thing that’s going on. Thi si often seen by the commander being given a pad to give authority by a junior rate. 

As in the bit above it’s safe to say that key function will be handled by function leads running their own sections. Whether it’s authorising engine maintenance, or security details or… whatever. Most of it the commander won’t see and will only hear about. They don’t want to know becasue they would have told everyone how they want the job done.

Don’t bore them while we’re exploring Orion’s nebula or working out how to stop an asteroid crashing into a planet or something. 

So that’s my take on sci-fi command structures. The old style military thing of know every detail micromanaging can’t be handled by one person. It can’t, not when you have so many more systems just to stay alive  – let alone do anything. How this comes across is a little hard becasue even I know that it’s easy to use this blueprint.

What are your thoughts?

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NASA’s Voyager 2 Probe Enters Interstellar Space

For the second time in history, a human-made object has reached the space between the stars. NASA’s Voyager 2 probe now has exited the heliosphere – the protective bubble of particles and magnetic fields created by the Sun.

Voyager 2 now is slightly more than 11 billion miles (18 billion kilometers) from Earth. Mission operators still can communicate with Voyager 2 as it enters this new phase of its journey, but information – moving at the speed of light – takes about 16.5 hours to travel from the spacecraft to Earth. By comparison, light traveling from the Sun takes about eight minutes to reach Earth.

Click the Link to see more:

Credit: NASA

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Star Trek Discovery: Taking the adventure to undiscovered places

For those of you that don’t know Star Trek Discovery is a new series in the the Star Trek universe brought out earlier in the year. Set just a few years before Kirk takes command of the Enterprise I was originally quite disappointed with the concept and didn’t think it would be particularly interesting.

The nag in my mind was really about how anything new could be done with the Star Trek universe by going back to an old and fairly familiar time in the Star Trek universe.

I was… believe it or not quite wrong.

The first few episodes don’t even include the Discovery, the story instead focuses on a young Starfleet Commander, Micheal Burnham serving aboard a starship that inadvertently stumbles across Klingon incursions in Federation space and a new threat from the Klingons as they try to unite to preserve their race. This leaves Michael finding herself mutinying against her Captain and then finding herself face court martial and life imprisonment. 

Finding herself on board the Discovery’s Captain, Gabriel Lorca offers her a place in the Discoveries crew against the orders of Starfleet command. So begins the story of the Discovery.

The Discovery

The first few episodes in the series don’t even include the new starship. I knew this before I watched it and even the I was wondering – when the hell is it going to turn up and lo and behold it does!

They’re clever with the story and don’t give it all away at once. Michael and her fellow convicts are rescued by the Discovery and the immediately notice that there are differences with this starship. It leaves you guessing what’s going on and letting you find out little nibbles of information on what the discovery is all about.

The Spore Drive

You read it right… spores. As well as having a conventional faster than light warp drive the Discovery also has a prototype ‘spore’ drive that can be used to potentially take the Discovery and it’s crew to any point in the galaxy instantly. 

The spinning saucer modules at the front of the ship all seem to be part of this and when activate the ship does this weird spinning, jiggle thing and vanishes off. 

I’m not really enamoured with the term ‘spore drive’ as it sounds a bit naff, but in essence that what this new drive system is. Running off energy spores found in the galaxy so I can’t argue it. 

The early episodes really centre a lot around Michael and how being convicted has changed her perspectives and attitudes to life and Starfleet. Lorca offers Michael a life line back to serving in starfleet and she’s soon getting into the thick of finding out what discovery is about and why it’s so important.

The series raises a lot of questions around ethics, really it’s a big part of it- certainly at first. The spore drive is a new system and the questions of sacrifice around making this drive system work keep coming up. Whether an alien life form is to be used to make it work until it dies or a human crewmate this highlights starkly the cost of progress. Using this technology against the Kingons seems to justify many of the sacrifices made. As usual in war when you’re losing or suffering it stands almost that any action can be justified.

At the end of the series comes the bombshell, something I never guessed certainly and in case you’ve not seen it I won’t spoil it for you. But when other dimensions come into play all kinds of weird things happen let’s just put it like that. 

Discovery is a very new spin on the old Trek idea and it works by bringing its own identity rather than trying to make it fit with the originals. But then of course at the very end… the original catches up with it.

NOTE: No ownership claimed on images or gifs – all credit to CBS / Netflix  / Whoever they belong to.

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The Christmas Tag

Laura Beth of HotShot Headlines tagged me in the Christmas tag the other day. Thank you Laura :-))))
Make sure you go and have a look at Laura’s blog, she’s got lots of great posts for the reader and the writer.

The Rules

You must thank the person who nominated you.

Link back to the original post (the one on this blog) and use the graphic provided.

Answer the questions given.

Nominate at least 3 people. (or more if your feeling like a nice person  )

Give the nominees 10 questions to answer (or use the ones previously given)


My Questions

How do you celebrate Christmas?
I’m fairly traditional in many ways but I have a huge issue with the Christmas dinner – it takes up the whole day and I would rather have it on Christmas eve.

Do you have a favorite Christmas carol or hymn?

I do actually – Once in Royal David’s City.

Do you like snow?
Yes but it never snows at Christmas here.

What is your favorite contemporary Christmas song?
I dunno really… 

What does your Christmas dinner table look like?
Flat with four legs… Like any other table. I put some food on it like Turkey and potatoes.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?
I remember the small of the Christmas tree, every year filling the f=room for a day or two and decorating it.

If you could take a paid two-week break for Christmas this year, what would you do, and why?
Go to somewhere really remote, like in the mountains.

Do you have a favorite Christmas book / piece of literature?
Not really.

Is there a Christmas movie that you don’t like?
All the mushy gooey ones.

Do you have a favorite Christmas special?
The Morecambe and Wise Christmas special with Des O Connor in it.

My Nominee’s

I hope my nominee’s take part, if you do then I give you the same questions. The lucky people are:

Big and Pinky Toes

Sam Fifty Something







Have fun!

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Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 50-2018

Hi there bloggies, or maybe it’s now ho there! 😝

I cannot believe we’re now so close to Christmas. I’m not going to give you all the annoying countdown, that would be mean. But how are you all taking it? Do you like Christmas or can you take it or leave it? Too commercialised now?

Anyways, back to Planet Simon and there were a few posts last week! Is it me or is that a cheer?

So first of all there was the post about the new Gutenberg editor. It seems to have given more than a few people a headache. So I wrote a post that should help bloggies out a little. I imagine there will be a few more posts on this.

The Geeky Guide to the Gutenberg Editor

Simon’s Sketching – The Aston Martin

Then I went a bit artistic and gave your my latest drawing. This one was a pretty cool picture of an Aston Martin.

What about you guys? What have you been up to? Keeping out of trouble?

Planet Simon

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Simon’s Sketch Work – The Aston Martin

I have had a little break from the human face and wanted to draw something more mechanical. So I have stored a few pictures for inspiration and I found an Aston Martin to draw. 

One thing I have found with art that is useful is to start with a basic shape and then modify to bring you to the finished shape you want to achieve. I found that useful here.

First I created the lineage:

Once I had this sorted I could work on the hard part – the shading. This is where i find pencil a bit limiting If I was after a perfect shade over a large area it’s hard to get, this is clear in the grille part of the sketch.

But overall I’m quite happy with this, using the pencil and rough lines gives the depth and the illusion of shine to parts of the car.

So I might have a go at a few more cars or mechanical things. What do you think?
More faces to come soon I hope!

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