Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 47-2018

Hello and welcome to you my fellow bloggies, 

Hi there bloggies! Here we and the Planet Simon blog orbit completes another trip around the blogoshpere.What’s new this week – well it’s mixed. In terms of what went up on my blog – not a lot, I posted some space stuff on Friday just because but apart from that not much.

But I am trying to get used to the new post editor from WordPress. In a word – weird. It’s different from the last one as it seems to focus on using blocks. I’m still getting used to it but I get it, basically the way it works is each part of a post is a block you add to it, either text a picture or whatever. 

The clever thing is that when you set up reusable blocks you can edit them and when they do anywhere you’ve used them automatically updates. That’s what I know so far but I am annoyed a bit as there’s no copy post option and wheres the word counter?!?. Anyone else using it? What do you think?

In terms of what’s going on this week well I’m making no promises but I’m hoping to get a couple of new posts out this week at least. If you’re lucky you might get my thoughts on the new Star Trek Discovery after i’ve finally finished watching season 1.

Star Trek Discovery

I’m also in the middle of more work on my examination of concepts in science fiction – dissecting some of the simple concepts I’ve noticed and putting in my thoughts on the alternatives.

Then there’s a bit more to say on digital art and some more fun ways to use Gimp. 

Also to note for the future my Solar System Exploration series has only paused for now, I’m working on something pretty cool which I’m hoping I can share with you all soon and add more to this and get to the core of what we’ve been doing out there.

Along with all this I’ve been thinking about the Planet Simon blog and branding thing, I’ve had some good ideas from some people and I have to go away and research all of this, create designs and all that good stuff. So watch this space.

I’m also wondering about putting more of the more random aspects of the blog that some have come to love and have been lost, more of the personal things that I’ve been trying to field into the other blog. It’s a strange thing to be coming round full circle. As I said earlier in the year I have no idea what to do – I still don’t. Can someone help me I think I’m ill!

Anyways, keep well bloggies and see you about – keep smiling and writing!

Planet Simon


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  1. Hi Simon, just like SpiritualJourney17 I haven’t used the new editor either. But I’ve been reading some of the blogs I follow and a lot of peeps are having issues. I’m not looking forward to it but I think that we’re doomed to have to use it sooner or later. Ugh the blogmanity…..


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