Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 46-2018

Hi there bloggies!

Here we and the Planet Simon blog orbit completes another trip around the blogoshpere. I don’t know about you guys but the impending sight of the end of 2018 is bringing all kind of business and stuff that’s making spare time hard to find. I’m trying to ignore Christmas but this is getting harder and harder as the day looms closer. I’m sorry to have to mumble the C word… forgive me.


One thing that I’ve noticed is that my guest post with Ari has been rather popular, so I’m putting it up again to make sure you guys all get the chance to see it:



As well as this there were a couple of arty posts that I put up which I hope you enjoyed. Firstly was my post Digital Art with GIMP – Creating a Starship this was the result of working on a drawing on and off for months… have a look!




The other arty post was how I’ve started sketching again and I’m not holding back I’m jumping in with both feet, learning how to draw the human face and challenging myself with this: Simon’s Sketch Work – Drawing the Human Face


My post covers my progress, I’m pretty pleased about where I’ve got to I just have a fair way to go still.


Also there was a little space news as the long serving Dawn spacecraft ran out of fuel and stopped operating, now a man made moon of Ceres it will stay there for many, many years. Who knows maybe one day man will visit Cere’s before Dawn crashes into its surface?

Dawn around Ceres



As you know I’ve throwing the idea of doing something with the Planet Simon brand and the idea of t-shirts, I’ve had a think about what else I could do and I have a few ideas. There’s nothing in this that going to make me a fortune, it’s really some fun but if any of you actually read this let me know about what sticks in your mind about Planet Simon and soon I’ll give you an idea of what I’m thinking.

Stick around and keep popping in. I’ll be about as much as I can. Still trying to work things out. See you about.

Keep writing and blogging…


Planet Simon



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14 thoughts on “Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 46-2018

  1. Hello there Simon, in addition to the t-shirt thing I was thinking you could do Planet Simon coffee mugs. You know with a cool astronomical image of Mr. Simon and a quote of something brilliant Simon might say. I don’t know I think anything would be awesome to be honest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the input on this you seem really keen which I find really flattering. I’ll make sure I get something cool and fun sorted. 😀
      How have you been?


      1. I’m doing ok thanks, it’s another working Monday tomorrow and I’m tired. I was coming for a few hours straight so how your manage two days is impressive.
        I hope you have a great time 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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