Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 43-2018

Hi there bloggies!

Another week begins and another blog obit comes around again. For myself in the UK I can’t help but notice the leaves falling for the trees, the moisture on the windscreen in the mornings and that chill in the air. Autumn is definitely here and it looks like winter could be damn chilly. Who knows, all I do know is the slippery slope down to Christmas is now on us and if I’m honest this isn’t something that I relish.

Anyway, Planet Simon is moving forward a bit, slowly but surely more stuff is coming on here and there more exciting stuff to come.

So last week I got a lovely tag from Preety for the Sunshine Blogger Award. There were a few interesting questions in there and I got this back out to 11 of you great bloggies.



I also finally fulfilled on my promise, to start my series of posts on using Gimp. I think the big issue I had with getting it up was how to approach it, what I’ve decided is to do something with each post rather than show you this button does that becasue there’s a huge amount to it. Anyways, this week I showed you how to create a starscape and Planet in Gimp.


If you missed these, click on the links to catch up.



As I said last wee I’ve been thinking about the branding of this blog. I’ve not made much headway on this but one thing I have asked myself is what I can do with this as a blog – if I was to try and use this blog to try and make a living from it – how could I do that?

The,ed T-Shirts are all very well but you guys don’t want my name all over you. I guess the thing is and this is where I can help – what am I good at? What do you know me for and can this pay the bills?

Thoughts always welcome here.

Anyways, stick around and keep popping in. I’ll be about as much as I can. Still trying to work things out. See you about.

Keep writing and blogging…

What about you guys? What are you up to?


Planet Simon



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8 thoughts on “Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 43-2018

  1. Just been floating around over here on Planet Tom, orbiting Planet Mrs C, and trying to get things organized on Asteroid H. So I’m a day or two behind on … well … everything. But no worries, tomorrow I’ll be only one more day behind. 😉

    Happy … let me check … Wednesday, Simon!

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