Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 42-2018

Hi there bloggies!

How are you guys all doing? I’m hopefully managing to get a bit more blog time in, meaning this week you get my weekly orbit. Last week was a bit of a bumper week, I got a number of posts out, the most important to note was the concluding part of the Great Galactic Service Station, it was kind of sad to say farewell to Ralph, Miranda and the rest of the mob. If you have missed out then look here for the GGSS page, I do need to update this and I hope to in the next few days and I will also put the rest of the story up on my Wattpad page.

The Great Galactic Service Station

The other post to note this week was a big thinking post on my thoughts on how we are connected (or unified depending on your thinking) to the universe and why I think that many of our philosophies are far too incomplete to answer the questions of creation.

As for this week – who knows. I keep threatening posts on digital art and keep letting you down, I need to get my finger out on this, but you know it’s time and all that.



In other news I’m going through some thoughts on the branding of this blog. I’ve not made any decisions yet and some of this conversation could take place off this blog on my Facebook page. I’m not sure yet but any views welcome. I’m just thinking that as a brand… Is it right?


Anyways, stick around and keep popping in. I’ll be about as much as I can. Still trying to work things out. See you about.

Keep writing and blogging…

What about you guys? What are you up to?


Planet Simon



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9 thoughts on “Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 42-2018

  1. You’ve been far busier than me in the blogging front Simon. I’m so behind on reading and writing. I’m looking forward to reading your Deep thinking post on Universal connections, in fact I’m off to read it now.

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