Doctor Who landed on British TV last night to much anticipation. What I would like to say first this there are no real spoilers in this for those in other parts of the world where it lands next week.

Firstly as anyone who hasn’t been living on Mars for over year will know it’s a new Doctor and the first ever female doctor. This alone has caused a lot of questions around what this could be like? Will it be the same? What’s worth bearing in mind with Doctor Who is that these questions are always asked when a new doctor comes along, some like, some hate and for others the new Doctor grows on them.


Doctor Who has an always will be a sci fi epic about change and this will never well, change. All I’ll say at this point is that the first episode does not disappoint, the new Doctor does not at all disappoint, Jodie Whittaker brings her own personal twist to the crazy space / time traveller and I can’t wait to see more.


Without giving away details this first new episode delivers some great Who Scifi, it’s the best of classic who with scary monsters, unusual happenings, dastardly plans and all of  which don’t seem to have much relevance to each other until each plot twist is revealed. It’s not a mind bender episode it’s a gentle into to the new Doctor with a few new twists to keep things fresh. It’s not tried to just do the same old thing with just a woman as the new face it’s so much more and yet neither is it ramming the point home over and over, it’s been well thought out and executed.


I think personally this is new dawn for Dr Who and perhaps even Sci Fi in general, maybe even able to inspire a fresh audience while at the same time keeping the old audience on board.

It’s worth a watch and you’re in for a treat!

If you saw it last night let me know… what did you think?

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44 thoughts on “Doctor Who and showing how change can be amazing

  1. Great article…being a Whovian (up until the third season with Peter Capaldi I believe) I’ve been struggling to continue watching for a number of reasons. I have heard that this new spin is one that anyone can dive into without ever having watched the previous Doctors, that the writing is fresh as are the villains. I am being a chicken in that I don’t want to get my hopes up and then watch and be devastated. We shall see…the verdict is still out for me 😉

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  2. I’ve grown up watching Dr Who and I have to be honest I wasn’t a big fan of Capaldi, so missed most of his episodes. I watched on Sunday, to see if I could get back into it – Yeahyyyy I loved it! Jodie’s got the thumbs up from me! From my neck of the woods too ‘Hooderzfield’!! LOL! I’ll be there watching next Sunday for sure 🙂


  3. I’m so looking forward to this. I’ve heard she brings the same kind of energy as Matt Smith. As a lifelong Dr. Who fan, I hope that is the case. So far Capaldi has been my least favorite of the modern doctors so I figure it can only get better. I’m also glad to say hello to Chris Chibnall. I think Moffatt had lost his way. Thanks for the spoiler free preview, Simon!

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  4. I’m an old fan and seeing how Bradley Walsh works as a companion is the only thing that’s keeping me watching. I didn’t think Sunday’s episode was dreadful. I stuck with it through the 80s, so I know what dreadful Dr Who looks like. There was nothing about the new Doctor to make me think I’d trust her with my life. That might change. It did with Matt Smith.

    To be honest, I’m not sure it should be trying to keep old fans. Nothing can please everybody, although there were a few years recently when three generations of my family could sit down and watch it together and enjoy it.

    When I say I’m an old fan I mean that, except for a few years in the late 60s when I was terrified of the Cybermen, I’ve been watching since 1963. I have the books and the audio plays, and I subscribed to the magazine for the best part of three decades. I’m possibly a bit obsessive about it.

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    1. Wow you do go back. I remember watching the old repeats. I think Dr Who changes and the people who watch it change with it or fall out with it. It’s the nature of it. 😀

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  5. I watched it and really enjoyed it. Thought Jodie Whittaker was great as the new Doctor and the episode was a really good introduction to the new Doctor and her companions. Think we are in for a fun and exciting new series of adventures in time and space 🙂

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      1. Strange, yes, but I would say it’s at least important to stay in character. Which the Doctor wasn’t in GitF, and that was Moffat’s writing. And he gets way too reckless as Eleven…also Moffat’s writing. I stopped taking DW seriously after Ten left (and yes, I know, it’s fiction, but for me fiction becomes “real” when it’s done well), and I stopped watching after season 7 or 8, can’t remember exactly when. I’m willing to give Thirteen a chance, but for me the worth of a show is in the characters, and if the Doctor isn’t the Doctor, then…well…

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  6. I watched it and thought it went well. That should come with the disclaimer that I am not a Whovian. I loved Tom Baker and K9, and I thought Christopher Ecclestone was pretty good but the rest either bored or irritated me, largely due to the awful script writing.

    I could watch another episode – that’s very high praise. Has the screen writer changed? It has definitely improved.

    On another vein, when will they bring back Blake’s 7? That’s the BIG question lol!

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    1. I’m not a pure whovian either and I loved Tom Baker and to be honest all of of the modern doctors. But to hear that praise is something.
      I had no idea about Blake’s 7 coming back… I liked that too but hmmm… I’m not sure. What have you heard?

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      1. Oh nothing firm- it comes up every now and then before fading away again 😊 but I loved it, it was just a bit different to everything else

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      2. It was different, I liked it and I dunno. I would like it back in a way but then if it’s just going to do the same thing what’s the point?
        I’m torn on this one.

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      3. Oh for sure – they’d have to move it on, no point in just recreating something for the sake of it. I think part of its charm, and what I miss was how the characters interacted. That wouldn’t be easily replicated

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