Dwarf planet ‘The Goblin’ discovery redefining solar system | Science | The Guardian

A tiny dwarf planet being called the Goblin which has an extremely elongated orbit has be found and is giving astronomers further insight into the mysterious ‘Planet X’ which is believed to exist far beyond the orbit of Pluto.


The Goblin is only about 300km across and so far out it’s too faint to see for 99% of it’s 44,000 year orbit. But this little world is a big piece in the puzzle on solving the Planet X mystery.

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Story and images taken from the Guardian article linked in this post. No ownership claimed on images or materials.


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14 thoughts on “Dwarf planet ‘The Goblin’ discovery redefining solar system | Science | The Guardian

      1. Yes. The Kuiper Belt, and the (possible) Ort Cloud present all sorts of exciting possibilities.


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