The Dawn mission that has visited 2 asteroids, Vesta and Ceres is drawing to a close after 11 years. Dawn is the only spacecraft to have travelled to two bodies under it’s own power rather than using gravity assistance.

This amazing spacecraft brought us stunning images of Ceres, with it’s infamous bright spot that initially baffled the world and even brought speculation of alien activity will soon fall silent.

ceres crater 1

It’s supply of Hydrazine that powers the craft will run out in September, after which it will orbit Ceres for decades. Read more here:

via The Legacy of NASA’s Dawn, Near End of Mission | NASA


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5 thoughts on “The Legacy of NASA’s Dawn, Near End of Mission | NASA

    1. I don’t know, presumably not. The main reason spacecraft in earth orbit need to correct orbit is because of atmospheric drag. Ceres doesn’t have that, Dawn could orbit about 100 metres up and it wouldn’t matter.

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      1. That thought is going to stay with me forever. The silent signature of what we are capable of, which could by some chance be in orbit long after we are gone.

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