Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 37-2018

Hi there bloggies!

I’ve been pretty much aware that the way I’ve been moving this blog from the random maniacal place it was to the more focussed, nerdy and informative place I wanted it to be has taken some of the more personal aspects out of this blog, moving that to Simon Blog instead.

So welcome to Planet Simon’s weekly orbit!

This is where I do the rounds on the what’s going on the where it’s happening and all that kind of thing. I want to make sure I keep up personally with you the bloggies that follow, like comment on all the posts i send out. So… the Planet Simon Orbit is born! I hope to keep this up but it might not be as reliable as the Moon orbits the Earth.



The Geeky Guide to WordPress series continues with surprising longevity, as I’ve gone through this I’ve been asked about things and thought about what I do and it’s keep me thinking of new things to bring you. The last one was about putting people onto your blog.

Dawn around Ceres

The space news is going to start again, I found that Tumblr has become really crap at sharing posts, they used to have a nice way of doing it but I’m going to keep it coming in other ways have no fear. With that the Solar System Exploration series is also continuing, moving past where I left it a couple of years ago I’m finding that doing the research takes time and there’s a lot of it I’m having to cut down on. Hopefully this week I can bring you the future of spacecraft.

IXS Enterprise



On top of this is more digital art works and guides that I would like to share with you..


Carry on with some fictioneering..

Fictioneering - Creating worlds


And hopefully have a laugh or two as I try make some good use what I can do. Stick around for the ride.

What about you guys? What are you up to?


Planet Simon



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