Science Fiction Concepts – My conflict with the Star Trek universe

For as long as I can remember the Star Trek universe has been going. I grew up with the original series frequently repeated (as I’m too young to have seen it when it originally came out before any of you cheeky lot ask) and liking but not really understanding what Star Trek was all about. Move on to my late teens and into my twenties and the Next Generation. This for me was required viewing, especially for a sci fi geek like myself and don’t get me wrong I like it a lot, it’s clever and there’s lots of great concepts turning into interesting story lines.

But looking at it in detail there are some big issues and it’s all based around the concept of reality and the compromise that comes with it. Firstly, not wishing to state the obvious, they live on a space ship or space station. But really you wouldn’t realise it in many ways. Apart from the odd window with stars outside it’s a city in space, there’s no drawback to living on a spaceship. No area’s of zero G, no health drawbacks, no limits on how long the ship can function without running out of food or air.


This slips nicely into the second point which is kind of the same but different. Life is really easy. I mean for the crew they get up, have a coffee (or tea, earl grey – hot), drag themselves to their station, do their job fighting Klingons for a bit or re-aligning some pattern buffers and then back for tea and bed after having a laugh with some fellow crew members. Basically, everything is run from electricity, run by the reactor core which needs the good old dilithium crystals.

This also leads nicely onto my next thing, they solve problems really easily. In the Martian you really got the sense that Watney was always minutes from dying. But get the Enterprise near a Black Hole – the most powerful force in the universe  and despite no one ever having survived such a scenario before a quick realignment of warp coils and tinkering with some pattern buffers and all is good.


Now lets get onto the real nitty gritty – fuel. In spacecraft the fuel takes up 90% of the volume of a space vehicle. But on on – not the Enterprise. Sure the warp core can be relatively small but the tiny fuel tank is meant to hold enough fuel to last the ship six years if used right. Seriously – I don’t think so.

As I said before – Star Trek has been really clever in what it’s brought to the world over the years. But I think if a little more real life compromise and all is brought into it there there’s another level of possibility. What do you Sci Fi fans out there think? Are there any Star Trek or other franchises that wind you up?


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14 thoughts on “Science Fiction Concepts – My conflict with the Star Trek universe

  1. Anything that doesn’t add up can be rationalized out to “science beyond our understanding” for me. The technobabble has always been secondary to the story and characters anyway, for me. The only thing that’s ever really bugged me was that any time anyone rapidly aged, on any of the series, thirty seconds after the antidote is administered, they’re back to normal. I’m like “wouldn’t there be a lot of loose, dead skin?” 😂

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    1. Sure, I agree totally with this. At the end of the day it’s a story and to be honest I’m playing a bit of a devil’s advocate.
      I had forgotten about the ‘instant’ curing … Yes. There would be some sag after lol

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      1. Kirk is about 100 years old, gets a hypospray injection, and minutes later he’s back on the bridge reclaiming command from the woefully inept admiral or commodore or whoever else had taken command. Also uhura had her brain totally erased by Nomad and had to learn to talk again and I guess go through starfleet training again to be completely back to normal the following week

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  2. For the most part, these things don’t bother me too much. I just figure their technology is super ridiculously advanced compared to ours. However, it does leave me wondering why so many planets in the Star Trek universe are still struggling with energy shortages or other kinds of resource shortages. A single starship’s warp core must produce an absolutely absurd amount of energy in order to bend space-time the way it supposedly does. That plus replicator technology, and a planet’s population should never have a shortage of anything.

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  3. I love star trek, and agree that it’s not that realistic. But I’m not a science person, so I suppose that doesn’t bother me too much. I just enjoy the fantasy (!) of it. 😊

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