Solar System Exploration: Planet X

Since the discovery of Neptune there has always been the nagging question of “are there any other planets out there?” This question is by no means baseless, mathematical models similar to the ones used to predict the existence of Neptune have suggested that there’s something pretty big out there that’s having an effect on the outer planets.

The discovery of Pluto silenced this speculation for a while until that fact that Pluto’s size was unable to account for the effects observed on the outer planets becasue it is simply too small. In fact in recent years other dwarf planets like Pluto have been discovered in the outer reaches of the solar system.





As usual with any mystery there is a great deal of speculation around this elusive ninth planet. Some from the scientific community suggest that a planet with the mass of Neptune is way out past the Kuiper belt with an orbital period of tens of thousands of years while others suggest that it’s the rogue planet Nubiru that collided with the Earth during it’s formation and created the moon from the debris.

Planet x 1

Some other myths have suggested that gravitational shifts in the Cassini probe during it’s mission to Saturn indicated planet nine’s presence, this didn’t hold up to scientific scrutiny though. There is a lot of excitement building at times around the possible discovery of this planet. But so far, nothing has been confirmed or seen by mathematical calculations or by telescope.

The information from NASA is understandably sketchy becasue as yet nothing has been found. But unusual behaviour in the orbits of dwarf planets in the Kuiper belt are are big clue on what might be going on.

An idea of what might be  going on is shown here. The highly elliptical orbits of the outer dwarf planets and the myterious planet 9.

Planet x 2

There is real work going into this, mathematical modelling, searching there is a buzz in the science community about the possiblity of the existence of this planet. It can’t be just dismissed as a NASA conspiracy either, this has been going on since around the time of the discovery of Neptune. Long before NASA was even thought of.

But one thing most of the scientific community can agree on is this: An evil planet Nubiru is not about the decimate the Earth.


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