The Amity Award

Every now and then in the blogging world we get those little surprises. I got one a couple of weeks ago when Acire from Scribes Canvas tagged me into her new award – The Amity Award you may not have heard of this before that’s becasue it’s brand new and Acire’s own creation.

In her release of this award she states that I’ve been a supporter of her blog from the beginning and that’s totally true. Acire has a great, creative mind and this shows really well in her work. I also learned ages ago that’s she’s a keen science fiction reader so naturally that kind of person deserves every support and I’m more than happy to help her launch this award into the blogosphere and give it wings.


Here are the details of the Amity Award:

  • Premise: To recognize those bloggers who promote kindness and support, as well as to acknowledge those who you feel deserve to be recognized for their positive contribution to the blogging community.

    • It could be anything you feel fits this idea. For example kind comments, showing support to others, bringing art and/or beauty into the world, sharing personal experiences that you have found helpful, a place where you enjoying going to have a rest-bit from daily life, etc.

  • Guidelines:

    • Write a post thanking the person who nominated you.

    • Include the Premise statement and Guidelines of the award.

    • Write a few sentences about why you started your blog.

    • Write a bit about what you appreciate about the blogging community and/or a way that you like to spread kindness in the blogging community.

    • Nominate 2 or more fellow bloggers who you feel deserve to be recognized.

In my own personal side note – I would like those I nominate to tag back to Acire’s original Amity Award post  so the origin is known about and the word spread.

I would like to start off this award by answering the questions and nominating a few fellow bloggers.

Why did I start this blog?  

When I started this blog over five years ago it wasn’t Planet Simon and I had no idea about what I was doing. I struggled to get to grips with WordpRess but I persisted (mainly because I’m a persistent bugger) and I think it’s paid off. I wanted to share my thoughts with the world and give myself  a place to share with the world my ideas. Over time this has progressed and Planet Simon is now a place of thought, word, creativity and exploration where I can show what I’m capable of and also help others.
This path has meant I’ve had to split what I do and for my general log / random stuff is now in another place on Simon’s Blog, becasue I wanted to have that place to kind of do what I want.

What’s something that I appreciate about the blogging community?

I’ve found great friends in the blogging world and a whole world of thinking and of perspective that I never knew existed. People here are great and I appreciate everyone who views, likes, comments.

How do I like to spread kindness in the blogging community?

It’s hard at times, but I make sure all comments are replied to and I’m giving a little back for the bloggies here to learn about what I’ve learned and help others get closer to where they want to be in their creative blogging world. I also think at a personal one to one level it helps when we all help each other find our way through our separate path’s.


I would like to nominate the following blogs for the Amity Award:


The Darkest Fairytale

HotShot Headlines

Lolsy’s Library

House of Heart

Books and Bakes

Illuminated Literation


All these people are great bloggies, some have been with me from the start and others are new. All of them are supportive and I hope you all appreciate this and carry it on. Cheers muchly guys 🙂

Planet Simon



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