Science Fiction Greats – Has the new blood run out of Concepts?

I grew up with all the Sci-Fi greats Star Wars, Star Trek, 2001 etc… What was the thing that made them great though? I don’t want to say it was just the concepts, really it was about how these films made you feel.

I still get goosebumps watching Darth Vader going about being evil in Star Wars, at the rebel fighters preparing to attack the Death Star and at the starship Enterprise escaping death from the Genesis weapon. Even the allegedly ‘boring’ film 2001 A Space Odyssey is purely terrifying at times and if not you don’t understand what’s going on.



Modern Sci-Fi

Now I don’t want to sound all Monty Python and ‘when I we’re a lad’ type of thing but it seems things made ages ago was better because I’m kind of feeling like the modern sci=fi that carrying on form these original greats is leaving me more than a little underwhelmed.

I think looking at this in a little detail is needed. Firstly lets look at 2001, an alien race and unknown object that seems to traverse time and space. A supercomputer that can interact with humans and also kill them and on top of this a whole human world living in space which in 1968 before man landed on the moon was out there in terms of sci fi.

2001_image_3 - Copy

Star Trek

The basic concept was the starship Enterprise, a vessel that could travel between the stars in days or hours. With this we has phasers, transporters and other advanced technology.



When the next generation launched the concept was expanded with holodecks and a humanoid android.

Star Wars

This favourite space opera of many brought us the Death Star, the Jedi, the force as well as iconic symbols like R2D2 and the Millenium Falcon.


star wars - millenium falcon - Copy


Forbidden Planet

Forbidden planet 2

Going back even before 2001 to the 1950’s the scifi concepts were pretty awesome and still hold up today, Robbie the Robot, The Krell – and alien race that possessed awesome power, wireless technology and the power to project force by thought.


Now let’s fast forward. The latest Star Trek, Discovery has gone back in time as the previous series Enterprise did. There is no new technology or thinking as you can’t do that when you’re looking backwards. I’ve not had chance to catch up with Discovery yet, but I find the concept somewhat uninspiring.

st discovery

Despite the fact that Star Wars is looking forward it’s kind of not done much that’s new. Sure we have much bigger Star Destroyers but how big do you need them when they still keep getting blown up? The light sabre duels are fairly crap if I’m honest, this is where I have to say I didn’t mind the prequels. They brought more to the Star Wars universe than the sequels have and the light sabre duels or handling was epic.

My thoughts on the Last Jedi are so mixed. It looks like they brought back the old cast to kill them off, they have wasted an epic opportunity and not given the fans what they wanted. This is going to cost the franchise in the long run. It seems now Disney is just interested in getting their money back and while I liked Rogue One all these new films aren’t going to help I don’t think. But we’ll see.


It seems like maybe our long standing much loved story lines have lost heir vision and maybe we’ve lost our visionaries, or even worse they’re not appreciated because the big bucks is in action like Pacific Rim. Where giant beasts and robots battle it out.

pacificrim_jaegers_wallpaper_480px - Copy



It’s not all scifi gloom, some real gems have come about in the last few years like Interstellar and the Martian. Both of these films took on totally different approaches and I enjoyed both for what they were.


The other story I’ve also been excited about is Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s been two films and I hope there’s more but with Infinity War due out this is likely to end right?

guardians of the galaxy


I never read the comics when I was younger but I wish I had, the films have been great and they’ve got a feel that like nothing else that’s been out before.

I think the stark reality is that the long running stories like Star Wars, Star Trek and even Tron have been left far to long before doing more with them and when they did they have not done the best they could have. That’s a shame. But it’s big universe and who knows what can happen.

Let’s hope the visionaries return.

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25 thoughts on “Science Fiction Greats – Has the new blood run out of Concepts?

  1. Great thread. I can’t be bothered to give proper attribution to the quote, but I remember someone saying that 90% of science fiction is crud because 90% of everything is crud. Oh, I remember: it was Theodore Sturgeon, and he was writing about Golden Age Science Fiction. There’s still great science fiction out there. I’m just getting into The Expanse television series, and it’s amazing. The Battlestar Galactica reboot was also good.

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    1. I think the concept of reboots and sequels / prequels is attractive and in my mind this has come too late for many sci-fi story’s. It’s the lack of fresh thinking behind it which bothers me. But you’re right there is lots of great sci fi out there it needs to be tapped into and given breath too the world.


  2. I kind of feel like Star Wars and Star Trek need to step aside to make room for newer Sci-Fi franchises. There’s too much nostalgia. Science fiction should be about looking toward the future, not reliving the past.


  3. Yeah, I can definitely buy into this, especially if we’re talking only sci-fi in film. SF seems to me to be having a bit of a surge as far as TV goes, though; maybe not traditional TV, but Netflix, other streaming and so on. My husband loves The Expanse (I think it’s more “hard” SF than a lot of things), and we both love some of the more fantasy and horror-oriented franchises such as GoT, Stranger Things, and such. The ‘new’ TV Star Trek wasn’t too bad; I enjoyed seeing the Klingons in a new light, plus the diversity of the cast was neat (pushing the envelope as Star Trek always intended to do, since Kirk kissed Uhura, et al moments!). Only other thing I wanted to comment is that, if you’ve not looked at SF-F-H (let’s say speculative fiction) writing lately, Simon, you might be surprised and conclude that new blood is not running out. It’s just different, sometimes more dystopian (Black Mirror, etc.) than anything.

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    1. Interesting stuff, I can see what you’re saying and I agree totally. I read a very good new book earlier in the year that’s new blood. I guess really what I’m thinking is that this new blood needs to come to our screens maybe rather than the old stuff that’s being badly reinvented maybe?

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  4. I hope the visionaries return too Simon. I tend to agree with you. All those epic sci-fi films of the past, well they haven’t really been able to replicate the magic have they? It’s a shame but maybe they’ll just have to remain as classics. 🙂


  5. I’ve been a big Star Wars fan, but used to love Star Trek. I agree about the newer scifi’s seeming to have lost their imagination. But I feel like it’s a symptom of a wider problem in TV and film. It’s all about revamping the old stuff, instead of thinking up something new. The companies just want an easy payday, unfortunately. I haven’t watched the new Star Trek, yet though. I was put off by the new films they did. :/

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    1. I think you’ve got the nail on the head. The film and TV companies want a quick buck so they look at old ideas and think that will do it. It’s getting tired.

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  6. Yes I agree, but not sure why? I grew up with the classic Sci Fi films & loved them! Was that because for me they had the Wow factor because I was young & enjoyed them with my brother & dad who are no longer with us? The Sci Fi films of today don’t give me that excitement. I watch them & day yeah ok, but no thrill. I loved The Martian though great story & so clever. Guardians of the galaxy I really enjoy too, mainly for the humour. These big battles with big robots?? Nahhh! 😊

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  7. The original Star Wars trilogy will be my definition of sci-fi. However, I do enjoy Star Trek (the Voyager and Next Generation series, and several of the movies), and the new Star Wars movies (The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and Solo). I love what they’ve done with Guardians of the Galaxy, too. I also enjoyed The Martian and Interstellar. Arrival was also well-done. I’m also partial to the Jurassic Park film series, and WALL-E.

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    1. You’re a proper sci fi geek. It’s good to see one out two of us about. I’ve not seen arrival yet, bit I’m told it’s good as for the others your can’t go far wrong. Thanks for commenting Laura 😀




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  9. I completely agree with you, and I would not call 2001: A Space Odyssey boring. I love that movie, & it is absolutely terrifying! It was ahead of its time, & very visually stimulating, all without CGI! I think we need more of that in modern movies. There’s such an art to movies made without CGI, and I have a very deep appreciation for it!

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    1. I agree, 2001 set the way that films like star wars were made. The problem is that these traditional methods are more expensive than CGI.


    1. Every brand had it’s own offering. Some of the older ones like star wars are just running out of originality and need a kick up the bum. Thanks for commenting…. Good to see you 🙂

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      1. Good to be back reading again, Simon. I think the new Star Wars we’re aiming for something original but missed the mark. Having said that, I’ll still watch whatever they come up with next lol


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