Planet Simon back online

Hold onto your hats… Planet Simon is back!

I’ve spent three weeks off blogging and here I am back into the blogoshpere ready and raring to go with a new look, new angle and a new perspective. I have to say I did enjoy the time away and although I was tempted at odd times to push out the odd post or two I held myself back. I would suggest it to anyone who feels they’re struggling to take a break from blogging to regain their focus and love for it.



What’s changed?

So I said there’s a new look and new perspective on the blog, this means a couple of things, I’m not going to have as much irrelevant stuff on here. All that stuff will now go more toΒ Simon’s BlogΒ and the other thing to note is that Universe od Possibilities no longer exists. When I started it a few years back I had high hopes for it as a project and even though this changed it never really took off. But as a little treat over the next two or three weeks I’ll be posting the contents of UOP that I saved and carry on what I started there on Planet Simon instead.


I’ll be focusing on Planet Simon more on the ideas, thoughts, creative, writing and stories side of life, with a few little treats in here and there which I would like to be useful like the Geeky Guide to WordPress and Art guides.

I’ve decided I want to add more cartoons into this, have a little fun, lets see what happens there as it depends on time to create these. I also want to get some properly short stories out there and start grwing ideas again.

But before we get to that, Planet Simon has a whole new look, having decided a theme change was needed and a sneak peek into some new art is clearly present on my site. I have updated the About page to give you bloggies a little more on me and what I’m about and better reflects the changes on Planet Simon.

The Solar System Exploration series is still going to run and hopefully continue with all new posts to add to this feature and I’ll be sharing news on Space and Science as usual with (I hope) some new material… I have have ideas lets say :-).


What is going to happen now?

Going forward, I want to take a more chilled approach to blogging. I don’t really think I’ll be carrying on Manic Monday or Minion thoughts, but I’ll be about and there are likely to be weeks here and there where I kind of vanish. I want to allow time to do the things I need and want to do without getting stressed out about posting. So keep your eyes out you never know where I’ll be.

For this week and probably next there’s going to be a flurry of posts coming from here as a little make it up to my bloggies reward for you. I hope you like what’s coming now and in the future.

How have you all been anyways? Let me know what you think of the new look and new approach? How have you been getting on with your bloggin lives?


Planet Simon


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46 thoughts on “Planet Simon back online

  1. Didn’t realise you had a big break from blogging Si. My Reader’s been playing up lately, half the people I follow have dropped off from it which is annoying 😟 Anyway when I’m back on my laptop I’ll check out your new look and theme. Sounds like your blog is about to β€˜take off’ again. Enjoy 😊 x

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    1. Hi there Tania, that’s kind of how I feel, like my flow better suits how I feel.
      Of course I will continue and every so often I’ll take some time for me. πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am back but not active.. I miss everyone and miss the fun and insightful reads. Haven’t much to post yet myself. Shoot me an email if you’d like. I’m back there as well.

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